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What is a glass LED screen? Related to transparent LED display?

Glass LED display (also known as transparent glass LED display) is a transparent LED display. It uses patented proprietary IC core technology (embedded driver IC), and the basic structure is laminated glass or hollow rubber, which makes the chip and traditional glass integrated. This design not only retains the transparency of the glass and does not block the light, but also displays video, pictures, text and other documents. Glass LED display is an emerging product in the market, which is characterized by eliminating the industrial feel of traditional display, strong sense of technology and high transparency (more than 92%).
Glass LED display is divided into four series according to the application scope.
1. NE series - photoelectric glass screen
(1) Installation: can be installed directly behind the glass curtain wall of the house, and can also replace the glass curtain wall.
(2) features: high-definition, safe and durable, environmental protection and energy saving, customizable, science and technology building materials (perfect to retain the transparent effect of the glass wall, display full and clear)
(3) Scope of application: glass curtain wall lighting and advertising display, commercial space, sightseeing elevators, shopping mall railings, retail windows and other fields
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What is a glass LED screen

2、NT series - transparent photoelectric glass guide screen
(1) installation mode: support fixed installation, lift, can be installed near the glass window
(2) Features: high definition, high transparency, high brightness, remote control, waterproof and explosion-proof, environmental protection, random pairing
(3) Scope of application: traffic information, urban engineering, subway, banks and securities, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, tourist attractions and entertainment decoration, real estate and other fields.
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What is a glass LED screen

3、NB series-Glass railing LED display
(1) Installation: modular design, can be quickly installed and dismantled
(2) Features: transparent and simple, safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving, integration
(3) Scope of application: airports, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, shopping malls, corridor bridges, scenic spots, stadiums, squares, etc.

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What is a glass LED screen

4. NSN series - window screen (specially developed for high-grade brand glass)
(1) Installation: splicing type, simple installation
(2) Features: high-definition and high-transparency, customized, borderless, new energy-saving materials
(3) Scope of application: advertising high-end brand glass windows, indoor partitions
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What is a glass LED screen

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