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What is LED transparent glass? - A revolutionary display app, intended for retail stores

Were we not strangers with so many stores opening, businesses failing, and then closing?

Many stores, though with good quality and affordable prices, still do not very well because they cannot attract target customers. The cause is where? Affordable promotional campaigns are not effective.


Why do customers just stop at the door and do not step foot in the store?

It is easy to see that traditional stores, identical facades, are going against the aesthetic point of view of the customer. Boring and unattractive makes them face the bleak business situation.

Imagine, if you are a guest, having a hungry stomach wants to visit a restaurant to enjoy all the delicious dishes. However, on the street, there are only similar shops, not prominently displayed, making you easy to confuse. The problem is how to make you different to attract customers at first sight.


How can the retail stores be attractive?

The facade is the place where customers see the brand first, so it can be said that this is an important place in the brand promotion. An efficient company / store often knows how to make its "facade" stand out the most. And LED transparent glass - The product to replace ordinary signs, is born to help your store impress your target audience strongly.


Create a completely new look, leading the trend

Let the store facade come to life, attracting attention by using beautiful lighting and effects. This not only makes your store unique, but also a way to lead the trend, increase sales for the store.

Application efficiency is varied

Commercial store application

Cosmetics and fashion are two of the areas where women spend the most money. "Fashion" and "cosmetics" are the origin of the beauty market, and especially for high-end stores, brand image is a weapon that cannot be ignored.

Led transparent glass used in dividing the area

The clear division signs help customers distinguish the area at a glance, enjoy optimal, sophisticated and meticulous service in every detail.

Indoor signage application

In a design space, combining details that are both still and dynamic, making the space rich, novel and sophisticated, contributes to extremely strong visual impact, not only demonstrating the strength of the joint. business but also brings a sense of luxury and originality.


Outstanding advantage of transparent led glass

Led transparent glass - NT series (English name: NexEsign) has the outstanding advantage of high transparency, beautiful design, easy to use and cost saving. Because of the transparent and luxurious properties, high-end facades often choose transparent NT led glass instead of ordinary black led.

Stand out in its own way, vivid and impressive

With a transparency of up to 92%, when the NT glass does not glow, just a normal decorative glass layer, does not reduce the luxury of a high-end store, outside customers still see the whole set inside the store, and do not affect lighting

Nice design, super compact, convenient

Light, transparent, thin are the first 3 words when it comes to transparent led. "Light" because their weight is only 10kg / sheet. "Transparent" with up to 92% transparency, can be mounted close to glass windows. Not only that, they are "thinner" than most with a thickness of only 7.5mm. All products with transparent and minimal design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Excellent display quality

Core Technology - The transparent led screen driver IC is independently researched and developed (national patent). 16bit grayscale, light-integrated drive, minimal wire design, rich colors, and clearer imaging performance.

The transparent glass led screen with magic effect, brings a luxurious and beautiful showroom space.

Easy to control the screen anytime, anywhere.

The intelligent control system is all done via the app. With a separate application developed for the display, customers have the freedom to: edit text, design images, add backgrounds, export information desks easily.


Some other uses of transparent led glass.

Transparent glass LEDs are widely used in many spaces in the city such as banks, stocks, metro, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, traffic directions, commercial centers. commercial, tourist and entertainment venues, real estate and other sectors. This is a revolutionary application in the new era display technology.

Immersed in the city's lifestyle, promotional methods are increasingly developed and enhanced. The promotional tools are therefore constantly being improved. Once again, transparent glass leds are gradually becoming an indispensable tool in the future, is a commercial display solution that helps sellers.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 20-03-2021