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What is the best led screen today?

Currently, on the market, there are many lines of LED screens for different purposes. Because of the rampant appearance in the market, it is difficult to choose a quality product, in line with the trend. To help you with this, here is a list of the best line of LED screens available today!

What is the application of the led screen?

Many of you do not know how the LED screen application, in reality, can create many surprises, especially for events, advertising slideshows. If you use it for the right purpose and add a little creative ability, the effect will be unbelievable. Special applications that led screens include:
Sound effects, especially for stage performances.
The trend of using a Led screen for theater rooms, cafes, karaoke is very popular. The use of an LED screen with a flashing effect on the music is thought to be very suitable for new Setup theaters to create impressive effects and attract customers.

Create lifelike 3D effects!
With 3D effects, the LED screen will show impressive content, bringing interesting associations. By showing interesting 3D effects like these, they are used by businesses in events and programs to provide an enjoyable experience as well as the desired message to convey to customers.

LED screens with 3D effects are suitable for installation in bars, hotel lobbies, restaurants or entertainment programs, art exhibitions that need 3D effects to make a difference ...
Spraying effect
In addition to the unique 3D effects, spray effects, waterfalls ... is also one of the beautiful effects worth mentioning. They are popularly used for music events, outdoor events or large-scale art shows.
Underworld effect
This is a transient dark effect created by manufacturers for the purpose of providing great projection images whether in the daytime or at night.
Underworld effects of led screens are mainly used in large-scale art shows or events requiring professionalism and stature.
In addition to the above basic effects, the led screen also has some other effects such as flickering effects, virtual effects, heat effects, star effects ...

To use these hue effects, using a conventional indoor led screen is not enough. Because the black background inherent in this product will greatly reduce the effect of the other effects. Instead, the transparent led screen is the perfect alternative!

So where is the best-led screen line today?
Why use transparent led screens better than conventional LEDs? Some differences below can help you assess what is the best-led screen today:
High-tech transparent Led products are not only fashionable but also intact for the overall beauty effect of glass walls. Make the building as transparent as the original appearance, the only difference is that the brand image can shine right on the transparency of that glass wall.

Led lighting under the sun, the dim light led to LED to poor display color is inevitable. That is the reason why the normal led screen when shining in the sun does not see images. For transparent LEDs is different, thanks to the lighting parameters similar to the sunlight parameters make the image still brilliant and adjustable.

Obviously compared to the conventional led screens, transparent led brings more advantages. This marks a very big point in the eyes of businessmen and businesses. Obviously, no one is not interested in such a smart product. From that, it is shown that in the future, LED screen advertising will become popular, so the use of new technology will help you become a pioneer in the era.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 17-10-2019