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What is the lifespan of transparent led screens?

Currently, transparent led screens are a new market trend that anyone who learns about new LED technology can understand. In addition to understanding the characteristics, structure, functions, or advantages, one thing that is especially important for transparent LEDs is the issue of longevity. The issues around the topic of transparent led lifespan will be solved by Luxmage in this article. Let's find out!

What is the real-life of the transparent led screen?

Before installing the product, the primary concern is how long the product will last? For transparent LEDs too. According to the data provided by the manufacturer, the transparent LEDs can be operated for a period of 100,000 hours, equivalent to over 11 years. However, these are given in ideal conditions (ie in the laboratory).
According to the actual survey of the user survey, the product's good operating time is from 9-10 years (about 87,600 hours). Because, in practical terms, transparent led life is affected by many factors from inside and outside. So what makes the life of this product line affected?

What causes a decrease in transparent led age?

Internal cause
Internal causes such as the LEDs themselves, production or control, etc. are also one of the causes that affect the lifetime of transparent LEDs. And with these cases, it is often more difficult to overcome, so the selection of reliable LED supply units is extremely necessary.

The main structure of transparent LEDs includes led bars with led bulbs or led microchips forming modules ..., fixed on a high-quality aluminum frame. There are also parts such as connectors, power adapters, and so on. If one of these devices is not working properly, the screen life will be affected.
One of the next reasons is due to the unstable quality of the LEDs. For transparent led screens, led bulbs are the main part and are quite important. Therefore, if this part is affected or not qualified, it also affects the use time of the transparent led screen.
For example, a standard led bulb will meet international standards for brightness, steam resistance, UV protection, and consistent consistency. If the screen is not used with standard led bulbs, it will cause reduced performance, shorten the use time.
The non-standard manufacturing process is the next reason that led transparent lifespan decreases. Normally, each module of the transparent led screen needs a standard temperature and humidity to operate stably. When these two factors change to a certain degree will affect the operation and life of the device. The more a device is able to withstand this change, the longer its lifespan. This endurance depends a lot on the manufacturing process. Important processes such as the process of selecting input materials, the process of connecting parts, waterproofing processes ... need to be strictly controlled.

External cause
In addition to the above factors and causes, the lifespan of transparent led screens is also affected by the external environment. Factors can be mentioned such as impact force, UV rays, environmental humidity, or weather, ... Especially with outdoor screens, the ability to wear products is high due to frequent contact. exposed to high temperatures, erratic rain, sun ... makes product life much affected.

How to extend the life of transparent led screen?

It is important to understand the causes of transparent led life, but it is equally important to choose and protect to extend the time of using transparent LEDs. For the causes of transparent LEDs being damaged from the inside, to ensure the longevity should choose reputable units.

For the leading transparent led supplier, with a team of experienced, clear warranty, many projects have been executed, ... Along with high quality transparent led lines origin, will help you more peace of mind and time Using time is more guaranteed. For external influences, to extend the life of the transparent led you must follow the storage instructions to ensure stable led operation.
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