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Which led screen is the most beautiful

Talking about beautiful led screens on the market today there are many types with many different purposes. " Led often " widely used by the UN in n in the event, users can easily encounter ordinary LED screen anywhere. In addition, the transparent led concept is quite new on the market, but has confirmed its standing position in the list of the most beautiful led screens.

The aesthetic effect of transparent led screen brings

It is no coincidence that the transparent led is one of the most beautiful led screens. Their aesthetic effect has been confirmed through many actual installation projects. First, it comes to the beauty of transparent led screens formed by their inherent characteristics such as:

High transparency

With high transparency, depending on the product, the transparency can be up to 90%. Transparent LEDs are the only product line that allows installation behind a glass wall without affecting the general aesthetic of the building's architecture. As a result, businesses can take advantage of seemingly useless spaces, turn them into spaces for advertising, product information, promotions, ... to potential customers.

High brightness             

The brightness of the screen also affects the aesthetics of this series. If the normal led screen has a brightness that cannot be flexible according to the ambient brightness, the transparent led screen shows the advantage in this regard.

The transparent screen still displays sharp under sunlight - the condition to become the most beautiful led screen.

They have an intensity of light from 5500-6000 units, which is similar to the brightness of sunlight. Therefore, in bright outside conditions, the screen can still display vibrant colors. Not only that, the intelligent control system helps users adjust the brightness similar to the ambient light.

Notice that when looking at the screen when the ambient light is higher than the screen light, it will be dim and not clear. Conversely, viewing the screen at lower ambient light will cause glare, making it hard to see. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the light of the screen at the appropriate time, affecting the aesthetic effectiveness of a beautiful transparent led screen .

Does not affect the existing architecture of the building

If you are concerned about having to tweak the existing space if installing a new screen, or the installation will interfere with your beautiful glass facade space, don't be shy! This most beautiful led screen is installed without any obstacles.

With a modular design that integrates conductors neatly on each net cabin. Thanks to that, the screen design becomes streamlined, without too many cumbersome wires affecting the aesthetics. For the design of a glass wall building, any decorative item must put the element of "beauty" on top, because this is the business front.

Some projects about the most beautiful led screens

To demonstrate the effectiveness that this line brings, here are some projects on transparent led screens that have been implemented in the past time.

Led screen throughout Trung Nguyen glass facade

Only a mere 4m2 in size is installed behind the glass screen of Trung Nguyen coffee shop. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the love message that the store wants to send to customers is conveyed vividly and quickly.

Use transparent led screen to convey messages, desired content to customers.             

Transparent led screen at Gamuda Sales Gallery glass facade

Because it is the front of the glass of the showroom, it requires a high aesthetic factor. Not only that, products need to bring practical applicability and communication efficiency. Meeting the strict requirements for products promoting glass facade, transparent led is the first choice.

With a size of 30m2, the screen is enough to display important information that businesses want to send to customers. Not only that, this size is also similar to the spatial perspective to create harmony. Before the installation, the steps of surveying, consulting and installing the monitor supplier are necessary to create this harmony.

The transparent led screen at Gamuda Land is considered one of the most beautiful screens, exuding luxury.

In addition to ensuring aesthetic elements, using a transparent led screen also shows the level of the brand, exuding luxury . The application of this product line is diverse, shown in many projects, installed in different locations. Refer to the transparent led projects to better understand this product line.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 08-03-2021