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Holographic LED Screen ( Màn hình Led vô hình)

LV series 3D effect holographic LED screen adopts ultra-thin ultra-clear high-grade material, high transparency and high temperature resistance. Together with the perfect design of the light transmission panel, it can easily achieve up to 80-90% transparency. The overall installation has no structural frame, and the screen body can be paired left/right, up/down making the screen height/width can reach 2.4-3 meters.

Holographic LED Screen

In terms of content, the screen can play video on transparent background, normal video, 3D video without limitation

Products are widely used in commercial window, commercial curtain wall, exhibition hall, creative display, leisure travel, 4S auto shop and other fields.


Holographic LED screen is different from the traditional transparent screen, this product has the characteristics of ultra-thin, high-definition, high-brightness, high-transparency and other characteristics.

When playing panoramic video or 3D video, the human eye naturally combines the scene before and after the screen with the image in the screen, creating a strong three-dimensional feeling.

Because the screen body when turned on will display the content, when turned off, it becomes transparent, there is no sense of physical existence, plusThe display uses a built-in light-controlled LED to emit light independently, should be named invisible LED display.

Holographic LED screen has the characteristics of thin and light "thin and light", the whole screen is like a mobile phone film, the size can be customized according to the actual situation, it has can be glued on the glass, and the oolong skeleton is mounted on the whole, and the power supply is connected to the corner.

Let's learn more about this monitor's features.

No structural frame, light and transparent

The full transparent LED display does not need to be fixed by bearing structure, still ensuring stable display. At the same time, the screen is not divided into grid cells, providing complete transparency. The thickness of the screen is less than 2MM, the weight is only about 6KG per square meter, excluding the power supply weight, it is lighter and thinner, can be bent, trimmed, flexible and creative, perfect match with transparent glass.


Holographic LED Screen

Controller IC automatic, high quality, bright and sharp


With exclusive patented IC, high driving power, high quality materials and modern technology, the sensory transmission rate of all products in this series exceeds 80%, with the number of Pixels are 4 to 5 times higher than other products of the same size on the market, no obvious meshing phenomenon, even when viewed with the naked eye from a distance of more than 3 meters, pixels cannot be seen. , providing vivid clarity and brightness.

Holographic LED Screen

Sophisticated design, attractive "virtual" experience


With its delicate and transparent structural design, the product allows the landscape in front and behind the screen to blend with the image on the screen, creating an impressive three-dimensional floating effect when displayed. The product not only supports normal video, but also has the ability to display top-notch 3D, ensuring a wide light angle.

Holographic LED Screen

Simple installation, easy maintenance


Customers can choose the number of screens to suit their needs, pair the DIY modules together, connect the control unit at the corner of the screen, making the installation of the display very easy. In addition, the screen can control each pixel separately, if lamp A is damaged, it will not affect lamp B. Therefore, the repair is very convenient, just replace the damaged lamp with a new one.


The above are the basic features of the invisible LED screen, this product is currently storming the field of transparent technology. Luxmage believes that, with outstanding and irreplaceable advantages, this will be the "black horse" in the Vietnamese market, if you need a unit that understands enough about holographic LED screen to advise you, please contact us. Contact Luxmage immediately.




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Holographic LED Screen


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