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Mini signage led screen

Widely used in advertising signs, direction signs, retail stores, municipal buildings, banks, securities, hospitals, clinics, subways, hotels, restaurants, and tourist areas entertainment, real estate,...

LuxSign is a line of advanced digital LED glass signage products from LUXMAGE, with the ability to convey any message you desire, from text to simple graphics, thanks to its high resolution. The device is installed to create an impressive front-of-store display, and this is managed through a portal/app with a user-friendly interface.


màn hình led kính điện quang NT

LBH - Glass LED screen


Cabinet size



Application location

Signs, Instructions, traffic signs, city buildings, securities banks, ...


Application location: Indoor
Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours
Frame material: Aluminum
Installation method: Paste type





Smart glass LED display, also known as ultra-transparent LED sign, is a diverse product with intelligent control IC technology and NANO technology coating on the glass surface. It not only supports displaying content clearly, but also allows users to edit messages through mobile applications and manage using cloud computing. This is a high-tech brainchild that brings groundbreaking innovations and upgrades to display applications such as signage, signs, and signal announcements.


Cabinet size of Mini sign LED screen

LuxSign smart glass signage LED screens have wide applications in many fields, from company lobbies, signs, direction signs, retail stores to municipal buildings, banks, securities, etc. hospitals, additional trains, hotels and restaurants, tourist entertainment areas, etc. The flexibility and utility of this product makes it an effective advertising tool and attracts attention. from target audience.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications of Mini sign LED screen

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