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NR Series

Designed for rental applications like stages and events with quick installation

Along with the development of technology, people's need to hear, see and feel has also increased, a new generation of transparent LED screens has been born, making a strong impression and attracting eyes because of its large size and effectiveness. effects, vivid image colors.








Technical specifications

  Model   NR2.6   NR3.9 ​  NR7.8    NR10
  LED   SMD1515   SMD1515   SMD1515    SMD1515
  Resolution (dot/m2)   67854   32768   16384    9216
  Pixel Pitch(WxH)(mm)   2.61x5.68   3.91x7.81   7.81x7.81    10.42x10.42
  Module size(WxH)(mm)   1000x500(1000)   1000x500(1000)   1000x500(1000)    1000x500(1000)
  Module Resolution    384x88(176)   256x64(128)   128x64(128)    96x48(96)
  Brightness (CD/m2)   5500~6000   5500~6000   5500~6000    5500~6000
  Max.Power (w/m2)   800   800 ​  800    800
  Avg.Power (w/m2)   240   240   240    240
  Transparency   72%   80%   80%    85%

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