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Transparent LED film display

Transparent LED film display is a new generation transparent display material , can be cut or bent easily

1. What is a film LED screen?

LUXMAGE transparent film LED screen (LF series) applies the Drive-IN LED technology. The use of polycarbonate as the substrate and a highly transparent PET film on the surface greatly enhances the flexibility of the transparent film LED screen applications, which can meet the individual needs of various curved and special-shaped building facades. Through the research and innovation of software and hardware, the LF series has the characteristics of being light, thin, transparent, free bending and intelligent control.
What is a film LED screen


LED film is a high-end product line that marks a new step in the display field. When the element is thin, light, transparent and easy to install is a trend, it is arguably the best choice for architects as this is a well proven product worldwide.

The LED film has a high brightness, high refresh rate, high brightness scale, clear and vivid image quality and no spaces when moving. With great display and playback effects, the screen easily attracts the attention of the crowd and is the quintessential symbol of a modern and civilised city.
In addition, the use of this new LED screen can effectively perform advertising without affecting the overall form, as it looks stylish, beautiful and elegant, not only after the installation does not stand up to glass walls, but also to add technical beauty.

What is a film LED screen

LED screen decals become the best choice in the field of urban lighting

2. The outstanding advantages of LED stickers
2.1 Ultra-thin and ultra-light

The thickness is 1-3mm and the weight is only 1-3.5kg / m. 

2.2 Bendable

Highly flexible and can be attached to any curved glass/wall panel.
2.3 Highly permeable

Up to 86% of the screen's light source when mounted on glass, unaffected by everyday light.

2.4 Stealth

The light emitting chip uses a fluorescein liquid light source and is protected by a transparent waterproof film, resistant to high temperatures, anti-static and waterproof. LEDs and control chips cannot be seen by the naked eye and there is no cumbersome steel frame texture.
2.5 No size restrictions

Depending on the size of the surface to be mounted, we can cut the screen exactly to the correct size.

2.6 Drop and shock resistance

The screens are made from a flexible FPC material that prevents internal components from breaking and can withstand external impact pressures of up to 2kg per square metre.

2.7 Easy to install

All you need to do is emit the screen on the glass and connect the signal and source.
2.8 Powerful heat sink

The ultra-high heat sink helps to increase PV conversion efficiency and reduce monitor problems. The light emitting chip uses micron, transparent, high temperature resistant, anti-static and proportional to help add longer monitoring life and reduce maintenance costs.

2.9 Wide viewing angle

The overview area goes up, down and to the left, must be up to 160 degrees, no blind spots, no tinting, the image is always perfectly seamless.

2.10 Cutting costs

No need for textured steel frames, keeps the structure in place, easy to bend and not fragile due to the slight design, and easy to install.

What is a film LED screen

LED screen decals are easy to install on all building surfaces
3. Compare traditional LED screens with LED screen stickers

Traditional LED screens LUXMAGE film LED screen

Difficulty in installation and approval

Poor overall feel of the building

Installed internally without complicated approvals
No lighting leads to an unpleasant feeling Does not affect the architecture of the building, displays are invisible, creative and beautiful
Cost of operating high maintenance
 Ceiling technology, reducing energy consumption by 30%
Restricted application locations   Product can be cut and bent to fit many types of architecture

When outdoor LED screens are not broadcasting advertising, the entire black screen can affect the aesthetics of the space, the building and create a "scar" for the appearance of the city. The introduction of LED screens has solved this problem either moderately or completely. It integrates the advantages of high definition while being transparently transparent, making the advertising show a good task, ensuring the beauty of the city while the screen is not illuminated.

4. Diverse applications for LED stickers
This product marks a new development in transparent LED screens, this new screen can be described as a big step forward in technology, longevity and maintenance and upkeep. This screen has many different applications. Let Luxmage know about the following most popular applications.
Large glass/glass walls (city buildings, large shopping centres, V.V.)

What is a film LED screen

Glass displays (shops along roads, 4s car shops, supermarkets, V.v.)

What is a film LED screen


Glass balustrades

What is a film LED screen

Financial telecommunication

Traffic cues (high speed train stations, airports, metro stations, V.V.)

Indoor use
With the advantage of current, the screen has a slightly changeless appearance screen with a higher transparency based on the same display and therefore it has big market prospects in the dried bean mix.

5. How to install the LED paste screen
The installation requires no additional steelwork and will not damage the original decorative design. Simply mounted to the glass, it is easy to install and quick to put into use. The following are the issues to keep in mind when installing.
1. Wipe the glass installation site (no dust, water on the glass surface)
2. Calculate the screen installation position
3. Peel the centrifugal film off the screen surface, mount the screen to the right position on the glass and use a strong tamper to ensure the glass to be mounted.

4. Perform order steps 2 to 3 to carry out the installation until complete

5. Place the power and data cables in position and then use the screw keys to lock the cable slots on the screen panel.
Instructions during installation
1. Choose the installation location: The installation location should avoid other small parts shielding the display area or work, so as not to affect the visual effect of each person.
2. Confirming the structure: When the manufacturer has designed the structure in the early stages of construction drawings are drawn, the type and size of the building, the texture and position of the screen also need to be explained in detail and the area of manure clearly defined.
3. Key points of installation and construction: Keep in touch with the builder at all times during construction, insist on progress of monitor installation, visit schools whenever possible to avoid incidents, timely detection and adjustment. Timely detection and adjustment when building and different plans to ensure a smooth installation.

What is a film LED screen

With many excellent advantages, LED screens promise many future prospects.

6. Units offer reputable LED stickers

As a provider of commercial display solutions and urban lighting, and the first unit to offer this new technology screen in Vietnam, Deluxe is willing to answer guests with product offerings related to the product. Contact us at:

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transparent led film screen specifications


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