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XRW Series

Designed for fix installation applications

XRW transparent led screen
The advertising Led screen makes a strong impression on and attracts the eyes by its large size, effects, and vivid image colors. However, the development of technology leads to an increase in people's hearing, sight and perception needs.

Therefore, the traditional screen is no longer a dominant choice, instead a generation of LED screens throughout the birth impresses at first sight!


Attract customers at first sight
While LED advertising screens often occupy the store space, blocking the eyes of customers entering the store. Then the transparent led screen gives the ability to see through from the inside and outside, the superiority of the modern transparent glass led screen. What's more, being installed directly in the bright frontage is what more!

The transparency and display space are unlimited!
Using the world-exclusive patented 3D-SMT technology, the led screen installed on the glass has 80% transparency. Along with that is 3 times higher brightness than normal Led screens, ensuring brightness even under sunlight reflection.

With transparent design, the unique content creation space is limitless.

Standard module size
Designed in a modular form, from which it can be customized according to the distance and spatial location of the project.


Easy and quick installation
The power supply, signal cables are integrated into the high-grade aluminum frame, making installation quick and easy. Thanks to this convenient integration, the installation of the wire is no longer an obsession when building the LED screen.

Usually on the market, there are two main types of monitor installations: drop-hanging and stand-alone. To get an led screen with the desired effect, before project implementation, it is necessary to conduct a survey to get the best installation plan.


Technical specifications


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