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Curved transparent LED screen - A highlight for the reception desk


Screen type: Transparent Led screen
Screen size: 1000*500
Pixel Pitch: P2.6
Implementation time: 2023
Project location: Sacombank District 3 - City. HCM

In the age of digitalization and fierce competition, choosing modern advertising technology that is creative and attractive has become extremely important. The curved transparent LED screen has emerged as an outstanding tool, bringing with it special advantages: Transparent, bendable, clear display ability, light and easy to install. In this article, join Luxmage to learn about the importance of the curved transparent LED screen and how it has accompanied Sacombank to create breakthrough advertising campaigns.

Advantages of curved transparent LED screens


The curved transparent LED display is a breakthrough technology that allows content to be displayed on a transparent surface, without obscuring the view behind. This creates a strong impression and makes the advertising message very unique.



Clear visibility

Transparent LED screen with up to 75% transparency provides superior display quality and brighter colors than conventional LED. The special thing is the high transparency, allowing unobstructed vision and everything around can be seen easily. This is a unique and powerful technology in the field of message transmission and advertising.


Ability to Bend


Curved transparent LED screens help create unique and interesting space designs. They are capable of bending to the curves of windows, lobbies, elevators, or any other surface. This helps create an attractive and unique advertising environment.

Size of LED screen cabinnet



Lightweight and Easy to Install:


Transparent LED screens are usually very light, helping to reduce pressure on the surface structure. This not only makes installation easy but also reduces costs associated with structure and installation.

Luxmage - Trusted Partner Accompanying Sacombank


Luxmage has established itself as a reliable and dedicated partner in supporting Sacombank in implementing creative advertising campaigns. We not only provide unique curved transparent LED screen solutions but also provide professional advice and support, helping to create unique and impressive visual experiences for Sacombank customers. The combination of Sacombank and Luxmage is an excellent example of how creativity and technology can be combined to achieve advertising and communication goals.


Curved transparent LED screen at Sacombank



The curved transparent LED screen is a powerful and modern tool in the field of advertising and communications. The combination of this technology and Sacombank has created unique visual experiences and increased the bank's brand awareness. The curved transparent LED screen is not only an advertising tool, but also a symbol of creativity and breakthrough in the modern advertising world.

We are extremely proud to accompany Sacombank in implementing unique advertising campaigns. The combination of Luxmage and Sacombank has created outstanding successes in conveying messages and creating interesting experiences for customers.



LED Screen Installation At Luxmage

At Luxmage, we are proud to be a leading unit in the field of installing modern and unique LED Screens. With professionalism and extensive experience, we are committed to providing customers with the best advertising experiences.


  • Professional Team: Luxmage has a team of experts specializing in LED Screen installation, with industry-leading knowledge and techniques. We are always ready to meet all customer requirements and ensure optimal performance for the LED Screen system.


  • High Quality Products: We provide high quality LED Screen products, ensuring the best brightness, color and transparency. Our products meet the highest standards and are designed to shine in any environment.


  • Customization As Required: Luxmage not only makes LED Screen installation easy, but also allows product customization to the specific requirements of each project. We always listen and understand customer needs to ensure the perfect system.


  • Comprehensive Support: We provide comprehensive support services from initial consultation, design, installation, to maintenance and repair. This ensures that customers always have a reliable partner to accompany them throughout the LED Screen usage process.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable partner to install LED Screens, contact us at Luxmage for more details and to receive the best advice for your project. Besides installing transparent LED screens, Luxmage also has transparent LED screen rental services. Help customers save costs and fit their projects.


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