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Huge transparent LED screen at Vincom, 10th Hanoi

Launched on the occasion of the festival, the highlight of Vincom Center lies in the design. With the main yellow color tone, the space seems quite familiar to many people here. By recreating the image of terraced fields in a modern style, the way the block is exquisitely constructed, the subtle ceiling lighting system brings a shopping mall with a unique design.

Referring to the highlight, it is impossible not to mention the appearance of the transparent led screen. Located in the central pine area, with an area of ​​30m2 hanging in the middle. Many people call this a giant transparent led screen with the ability to combine with indoor lighting effectively.

Project details:

Model: NR3

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm x 7.8 mm

Area: 30m²

Project location: Vincom Hanoi, Vietnam

Implementation time: 2019