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LED Railing Screen (Transparent Invisible LED) - Present at Sacombank Headquarters


Screen Type: Invisible LED Screen
Screen Size: 38.6m2
Pixel Pitch: P6.25
Implementation Time: 2023
Project Location: Sacombank District 3 - City, HCM

Are you seeking a unique, impressive, and effective display and advertising solution for spaces such as showrooms, shopping centers, airports, train stations, stadiums, or any other architectural structures? Do you want to transform glass railings into a revenue-generating tool, not just for protection? Are you interested in using a display device that is highly transparent, energy-efficient, and easy to install and maintain?




If the answer is yes, then the Lancan LED screen, also known as the transparent invisible LED screen, is the ideal product for you. Emerging after many years of development, Lancan LED screen technology using invisible glass LEDs has become a leading trend in the entertainment and projection industry. Trusted by many units, including Sacombank, it was installed on the occasion of the 32nd birthday.


With excellent color reproduction and high resolution, Lancan LED screens are not only the top choice for home entertainment systems but are also widely used in large events, advertising campaigns, and even architectural works. This product not only provides a unique visual and advertising experience but is also suitable for the environment and easy to integrate into different architectural spaces.


Railing LED Screen at Sacombank

What is a Railing LED Screen?


Invisible glass LED


The Railing LED screen is a special form of transparent LED screen, also known as invisible LED, created for optimal integration into guardrail and fence systems. Using high-density industrial tempered glass as the base material, the Lanyard LED display focuses on patented integrated circuit technology and applies Nano film circuits to achieve the best performance.


This structure allows the Railing LED screen to achieve super transparency and high energy efficiency. This offers the ability to display images, videos, text, logos, slogans, or any other content you desire. The screen can directly replace railing glass or be installed behind glass without affecting the original structure. The Railing LED screen has the ability to be controlled and managed remotely, allowing advertising content to be changed flexibly and quickly. This makes it a flexible and effective solution for converting traditional railings into a unique and exciting promotional tool.


Advantages of Railing LED Screens?




Railing LED screens offer many outstanding advantages compared to traditional LED screens, including:


  • High safety: With industrial tempered glass that is fireproof, waterproof, and has excellent heat dissipation ability, the Railing LED screen is designed with seriousness in material selection, production, and testing to ensure product quality. The screen is also equipped with a waterproof protection layer, preventing internal breakage, creating a safe environment for everyone.


  • High transparency: With up to 92% transparency, the Railing LED screen becomes almost invisible when viewed from 4 meters. This not only helps the screen not block light and does not affect vision but also creates 3D, 4D, hologram effects, adding appeal and uniqueness to the displayed content.


  • No structural frame, light and transparent: The Railing LED screen does not require a load-bearing structural frame, still ensuring display stability. Not divided into grids, the screen remains comprehensive throughout. The thickness is less than 2mm, the weight is only about 6KG/m², making the screen bendable, trimmable, flexible, and creative, perfect in combination with transparent glass.


  • Simple installation, easy maintenance: Screen installation is very easy, customers can choose the appropriate number of screens, put the DIY module together and connect the control unit at the corner of the screen. The advantage of controlling each individual pixel makes repairs convenient, requiring only the replacement of the damaged lamp with a new one.


  • Save electricity: LED and glass are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. Railing LED screen minimizes light pollution and consumes less energy than conventional LED screens.


  • Diverse applications: Modular design allows the Railing LED screen to be flexible in customizing size, shape, and color to fit any structure. It can be widely applied in shopping malls, airports, train stations, stadiums, squares, and other architectural works. Can be combined with other devices such as sensors, cameras, speakers, to create interactive and virtual reality experiences for viewers.

Luxmage - Reputable Railing LED screen installation unit

Application of glass railing LED screen


If you are looking for a reliable, quality, and professional LED railing screen supplier, Luxmage is the top choice for you. As a pioneer company in the field of transparent LED screens in Vietnam, Luxmage has many years of experience and considerable reputation in the industry.


Luxmage not only provides genuine products with high technology but also focuses on bringing peace of mind to customers through comprehensive solutions. From project design, installation to maintenance, Luxmage always ensures that every aspect of the project is carried out professionally and in accordance with the unique needs of each customer. Committed to providing customers with high-quality Railing LED screen products, reasonable prices, and long-term warranty, Luxmage is not only a supplier but also a reliable partner. Luxmage's dedicated technical support team is ready to help and ensure stable product performance.


Luxmage constantly updates and applies the latest technology in the field, to create groundbreaking, creative, and effective LED Railing screen products. If you are interested in the Railing LED screen, do not hesitate to contact Luxmage today to receive in-depth advice and a detailed quote. Luxmage will be very happy to serve customers.


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