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Luxmage Transparent LED accompanies COATS Phong Phu's 30th anniversary

Luxmage transparent LED display has been selected to support the 30th anniversary of COATS Phong Phu in Ho Chi Minh City District 1. The following sharing will help you better understand the transparent LED screen project in this important event.

1. Luxmage is proud to take a major step forward with COATS Phong Phu

Luxmage and its technical team had the privilege to directly support COATS Phong Phu, one of the most influential brands in Vietnam's textile industry, in this important 30th anniversary year of its business.

Luxmage Transparent LED COATS Phong Phu

Transparent LED screens for key COATS Phong Phu events

 Unsurprisingly, Luxmage's transparent LED screens did a good job of shining the brand and affirming its position as one of the leading companies in the country's fashion industry. You can refer to some detailed photos of this event presented by Luxmage in the next article.

2. Luxmage has been there when the business needed

For this important event, despite meeting the required deadline, the Luxmage team and four technicians completed the construction and installation of the transparent LED project in only half a day at the location provided. Accordingly, Luxmage installed two LED screens at the InterContinental Saigon Residences Hotel, 01 a 2-sided screen with a total area of 20m2 and a rotating screen with a total area of 3m2. With its design for short-term events, simplified controls and minimal power cords make the displays easy to operate after installation.

3. How does the rental transparent LED display support COATS 30 years event?

Located at the entrance of the InterContinental Saigon - one of the largest hotels with busy access - the first and most important requirement was that the event LED screen had to be aesthetically pleasing. Arguably, sophistication and high beauty are the biggest advantages that rental transparent LED screens bring to the viewing experience. With high transparency, Luxmage transparent LED screens allow attendees to feel comfortable but still professional as they enter the space for important events.

Luxmage Transparent LED COATS Phong Phu

Event LED screens with transparency meet high aesthetics


In addition, the large transparent LED screens at the event site have a high resolution, which helps to deliver maximum clarity and vivid images of the group's formation, founding, unity and development process. Event Attendees.

Images and colors of the transparent LED screen at COATS 30th anniversary event

The success of COATS 30th anniversary event is also a great motivation for Luxmage to continuously strive to bring other transparent LED screen projects to support professional events for our customers.

4. Luxmage's Event Transparent LED Screen Rental Service

Luxmage understands that companies are hesitant to spend money on LED screens. Understanding this concern, Luxmage offers event LED screen rental services to provide businesses with a solution that better suits their promotion.

Luxmage Transparent LED COATS Phong Phu

Luxmage clear LED screens offer clear displays and color standards


Contact the Luxmage team for quick answers and advice on the right clear LED screen rental solution for your event.

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