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Transparent LED screen during Pfizer brand Eliquis drug launch

Currently, the demand for transparent LED screens is increasing for events large and small in Vietnam. The main reason is that this screen offers a better experience, but the rental price is only slightly higher, even equivalent to a normal LED screen. Depending on each different event, customers will be advised in the most detailed way to choose the right product, the right size, survey, installation, maintenance .......


One of the most recent projects using Luxmage LED displays was Pfizer's performance at the Eliquis drug launch event.

Event screen used to present Eliquis to professional physicians in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City on December 19, 2020 was a 24m2 size 2-sided screen, including 2 sides of 12m2 each.

Transparent LED screen Pfizer

Luxmage's transparent LED screens installed at Pfizer's Eliquis event

On December 18, 2020, Luxmage sent 2 technicians to the event venue to install the Led screens. The total installation and completion time was only 4 hours.

Transparent LED screen Pfizer

The image is clearly displayed for the guests attending the event to follow easily

The transparent LED screen becomes harmonious at the event venue, creating a space that is both beautiful and modern. At the same time, the large, clear images helped guests follow the message the event was trying to convey.


Transparent LED screen Pfizer

Close up of 2 transparent LED screens at Pfizer event site


In addition to Pfizer, Luxmage brand products were used for many different events and clients, such as Trung Nguyen 24th anniversary, Coats 30th anniversary, etc. events and seminars.

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