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Transparent LED Screen Modernizes the Banking Experience

LED screens are not just technology for advertising and entertainment. In the 21st century, banks have seized the opportunity to use LED screens to improve customer experience and create more modern environments. This article will explore the important applications of LED displays in the banking industry.

In the age of digitalization, customer experience is more important than ever, and Luxmage's transparent LED screens bring an innovative solution to the banking industry in Vietnam.

Most banks today have completely glass facades, however, covering this facade with large printed posters and signs can take away from the ability to create a good view of the luxurious interior. important to external viewers. Luxmage brings transparent LED screen solutions in Vietnam, with a beautiful design, lightness, and ease of use, while ensuring good transparency.

Welcoming this trend, Sacombank has installed P2.1 transparent LED screens with transparency and high resolution, bringing a luxurious feeling and better experience to customers.

màn hình led trong suốt ngân hàng Sacombank

Benefits when applying transparent LED screens at banks at Sacombank

A New Concept of Facade

Most banks today have completely glass facades. However, the main purpose of a facade is to provide a good view of the luxurious interior to viewers from the outside. Frequently, this glass facade is obscured by large printed posters and signs, losing its transparency and appeal. Luxmage has delivered transparent LED screens that are sleek, light and easy to use, ensuring that bank branches across urban Vietnam can showcase their luxurious interiors while maintaining transparency.

Luxurious Vision Without Losing Transparency

Luxmage's transparent LED screens have the potential to change the way banks display their interiors in a modern and attractive way. Instead of completely covering the facade with glass, the bank can use LED screens to create a vivid and attractive picture from the outside.

Easy and Flexible Installation

The Luxmage transparent LED display is designed to simplify installation. The thickness is only 1-3 mm and is light, weighing no more than 6kg per square meter. No need for complicated installation process, just mount behind the glass surface. The light weight ensures that the glass surface is not subject to pressure. This transparent screen easily blends with the glass surface when turned off.

màn hình led trong suốt ngân hàng Sacombank

Flexible and Integrated Design

Luxmage transparent LED screen has an innovative design with thin and transparent LED lights, which can be easily installed behind glass surfaces. In particular, it has a unique skylight material, giving it a flexible body structure and significant customization at the installation location. This allows banks to utilize not only the facade but also the glass painting in their interiors.

màn hình led trong suốt ngân hàng Sacombank

Update Information Easily

This transparent LED display is ideal for sharing up-to-date information with customers. Its aesthetics are suitable for the bank's design space and do not require too much on the heat dissipation of the screen.

Modernized Customer Experience

Transparent LED screens help banks modernize their facades and interiors. Customers will witness a bright, airy and modern space, creating attraction and creating a positive impression.

màn hình led trong suốt ngân hàng Sacombank

Development Trend of Transparent LED Screens in the Banking Sector

Transparent LED screens are becoming an important trend in the banking industry, especially in Vietnam, as banks are looking for ways to improve customer experience and optimize working models. Here are some important trends related to transparent LED screens in banks:

1. Integration into Bank Interiors

In addition to being used for facades, transparent LED screens can be integrated into bank interiors. It can make the interior space more modern and optimize space utilization.

2. Combining Smart Technology

In the future, transparent LED screens may be integrated with smart technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). This enables intelligent interaction with customers and personalized service delivery.

3. Integrating Security and Data Management

Transparent LED screens can integrate security and data management technology, helping banks protect information and optimize management processes.

4. Promote Creativity in Design

This trend encourages designers and architects to find ways to create innovative and modern spaces using transparent LED screens.

In the future, transparent LED screens will continue to play an important role in modernizing banking, improving customer experience and optimizing banking operations.


Using LED screens in banks is a modern way to improve the customer experience, highlight luxurious interiors, and share up-to-date information with ease. This helps the bank create a friendly and modern environment, saves time and resources, and demonstrates a strong brand.