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Transparent Led Screen - More impressive at trade shows

The exhibition takes place for 3 days at SECC, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Gathering more than 250 leading units in the field of security, ASTEC's booth received and attracted a lot of attention from customers thanks to the application of new advertising methods.

High Technology Application and Services Joint Stock Company (Astec) is a company operating in the field of providing information technology solutions, automatic gates, electronic scales and wastewater treatment. Astec Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in these fields, with a lot of experience and reputation in the market. Astec Company has implemented many large projects for customers from many different fields, such as ministries, banks, oil and gas, electricity, aviation, construction, real estate and many other customers.

The use of transparent LED screens in the exhibition is also a way for the company to demonstrate its pioneering and creativity in the field of technology. The transparent LED screen is not only a convenient technology product but also a unique work of art, bringing aesthetics to the space.

màn hình led trong suốt triển lãm thương mại Astec

Transparent LED Screen: Attracting Eyes

Transparent LED screens have become a notable trend in advertising and product presentation at trade shows. ASTEC combines with this product to create an impression at the SECC Exhibition.

The transparent LED screen with its compact design and easy installation has made the brand's advertising content more professional and attractive than ever, making exhibition visitors unable to take their eyes off it.

Transparent LED Screen Rental

NOVOAD - Luxmage's trusted partner, a unit specializing in transparent LED screen rental, has implemented an impressive project at ASTEC's booth E12. With the return of the latest technological solutions, NOVOAD has shown creativity and originality in creating exciting experiences for customers.

Besides, we have jointly implemented many other large and small projects nationwide. You can refer to more transparent LED screen rental projects here.

Breakthrough in Advertising

ASTEC made a notable breakthrough in advertising at this exhibition. By using transparent LED screens, they created the perfect combination of technology and art. More than just a way to present products, this LED display is also a way to create an enjoyable experience for customers.

màn hình led trong suốt triển lãm thương mại Astec

Latest Technology Solutions

The transparent LED screen is equipped with the latest technology, allowing the display of sharp images and high-quality video. This attracted a large number of customers at the exhibition. This LED screen has a compact design, saving space and easy to install anywhere in ASTEC's booth.

Unique And Attractive

Transparent LED screens are more than just an ordinary advertising tool. It has turned ASTEC's booth more unique and attractive than ever. Customers are not only interested in ASTEC's products and services but are also fascinated by the creativity in presentation.

Prospects of transparent led screens in trade shows

Transparent LED screens were once considered something that could only be imagined in science fiction, but it has become a reality and is showing great promise in the trade exhibition sector. In this article, we will learn about the future prospects of this technology and how it can change the way we demonstrate products and advertise in trade shows.

1. Advances in LED technology

One of the important factors that helps transparent LED screens have future prospects is the advancement in LED technology. Manufacturers continuously research and develop new types of LEDs, which enhance the brightness, transparency and energy efficiency of displays.

màn hình led trong suốt triển lãm thương mại Astec

2. Diversity in applications

Transparent LED screens don't just stop at displaying products in trade shows. In the future, they can be widely applied in many different fields such as retail stores, restaurants, real estate and even urban transportation.

3. Interaction and experience

Trade shows are not just about demonstrating products but also about creating experiences for customers. Transparent LED screens have the ability to create unique interactive experiences. In the future, we may see this capability exploited more creatively, helping customers engage with the exhibition in a more authentic way.

4. Save energy

While transparent LED screens are capable of displaying bright images, energy-saving technology is also being incorporated into them. In the future, we can expect to see transparent LED displays become more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

màn hình led trong suốt triển lãm thương mại Astec

5. Make a strong impression

Transparent LED screens will continue to make a strong impression in the future. The ability to make a product unique and attract the attention of customers will be an important factor in advertising and demonstrating products in trade shows.

The future prospects of transparent LED displays in the trade show industry are bright. Thanks to advances in LED technology, variety of applications, interactive and experiential capabilities, energy savings and powerful impressions, this technology can change the way we display and advertise. future product announcements.


The application of new technology products such as transparent LED screens in trade shows to attract customers is gradually becoming a trend. In the future, we will discover countless applications that breakthrough technology has to offer. This breakthrough brings many different industries. Whether you operate in retail, hospitality, entertainment or any industry that values impactful communication, our Transparent LED Displays can enhance your brand presence, Engage customers and drive meaningful interactions.