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Transparent LED screens installed for project celebrating Trung Nguyen's 24th anniversary

1. Luxmage - Trung Nguyen Legend's partner

The transparent LED screens installed by Luxmage can be considered as a close partner of Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee brand in its important events. If you accidentally pass by the busy streets of Bui Thi Xuan or Dong Khoi, you can also easily see the transparent LED screens at Trung Nguyen Cafe stores to promote new products and brand promotions.

It is therefore not surprising that Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee has chosen Luxmage transparent LED screen rental service again for its 24th anniversary in the Vietnamese market. Luxmage will share with you the most realistic images from this event in Part 2 below.

2. Luxmage transparent LED screen in Trung Nguyen 24th anniversary project

The project to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Trung Nguyen has many celebrities in the national art world such as: Miss Giang Mai, runner-up Genmi, runner-up Hoang Mai ...... . The project was held in conjunction with the first "World Coffee Experience of the Three Civilizations" in Vietnam, which attracted a lot of attention from domestic businesses and young Vietnamese coffee lovers.

Transparent LED screens Trung Nguye

The famous queen attended the special event of Centaline Coffee


In that festive atmosphere, Luxmage was proud to support and accompany Trung Nguyen as an intermediary before this important event. let's take a look at some of the "highlights" of Luxmage's LED screen installation for this celebration.

Deployment and Installation Process
Just one day before the important event, a Luxmage technician was sent to Ben Nghe 12 Alexandre de Rhodes, Bright 1, Ho Chi Minh City to complete the installation of four transparent LED screens. Once completed, the four flexible sized moving LED screens helped to fully convey the message Trung Nguyen wanted to convey to the attendees.

Transparent LED screens Trung Nguyen

A technician completes the installation of four transparent LED screens in one day


The Purpose of Using Clear LED Screens at Events
For this important celebration, the Luxmage clear LED screens excelled in terms of crystal clear images, crisp and true color images, and quick transitions. Nestled in the surrounding floral space, the transparent LED screen was skillfully integrated into the space by Trung Nguyen Legend, conveying real images and video clips about the formation and development of the popular coffee line. Favorite Vietnam. This scene-to-scene integration is as subtle as the subtle blend this top coffee line has maintained over the past two decades.

Transparent LED screens Trung Nguyen

Trung Nguyen cleverly chooses transparent LED screens to convey corporate messages


Benefits of Trung Nguyen's 24th Anniversary Transparent LED Screen Project
The quick installation of four movable LED screens in one day is the first advantage that movable LED screens bring to the Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee experience. Accordingly, the standard module of LED screens can be changed flexibly according to the different spaces and locations of the project.

For this event, the four screens were placed in four different locations: inside the lobby, outside and upstairs, provided by a single technician, but still providing a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing experience. In addition, the series of event LED screens integrated power cable connectors, modules and signal cables into the aluminum frame. This helps make screen installation at large events easier and more flexible.

Transparent LED screens Trung Nguyen

Close-up of the 24th Trung Nguyen event daytime transparent LED screen

In addition, thanks to 3D-SMT technology, this event LED screen is up to 80% transparent and highly interactive with sunlight (unknown meaning) without dazzling the audience. This is also the advantage that the event LED screen line brings over its brothers.

3. Transparent LED screens dedicated to events-seminars-exhibitions

Thanks to its contrast advantage and quick and easy installation, event LED screens can be extended to different audiences in different projects, such as

Outdoor study abroad seminars, fundraisers, campaign launches, company founding anniversaries, corporate development collaborations,...
musical events, outdoor talk shows or advertising programs that need to get the audience's attention.

To date, Luxmage has erected and installed transparent LED screens for several large corporate/corporate events nationwide. In addition to the project to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Trung Nguyen, the project was also implemented for the 30th anniversary of COATS Vietnam or Pfizer, an American multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in New York City. 19 December 2020 at Center 8, District 1, Gem Ho Chi Minh City.

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4. How do I connect to Luxmage?

If you have questions about Luxmage's event LED display product line or transparent LED screen rental service, please contact us by phone: 0988895066 - 0909965198 for the fastest advice.

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