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In the era of digitization and fierce competition, choosing modern advertising technology with creativity and attraction becomes extremely important. The curved LED screen is a superior tool, possessing special advantages: transparency, curvature, clear display, lightweight, and easy installation. In this article, let's explore the importance of curved LED screens and how they have collaborated with Sacombank to create breakthrough advertising campaigns.



Advantages of Curved LED Screens

Curved LED screens, also known as curved LED displays, offer several advantages over traditional flat LED screens. Here are some key advantages of curved LED screens:



Curved LED Screen Cabinet

Curved LED screens are a breakthrough technology that allows displaying content on a transparent surface without obscuring the scenery behind. This creates a strong impression and makes the advertising message unique.

Better Image Experience
Curved LED screens can provide a better image experience, especially when used in entertainment applications such as watching movies or playing games. The curved screen can simulate depth, enhance the sense of engagement, and immerse viewers in a more attractive image experience.

Curvature Capability
Curved LED screens help create unique and interesting spatial designs. They can bend along the curves of windows, lobbies, elevators, or any other surface. This helps create an attractive and unique advertising environment.

Wide Viewing Angle
Curved LED screens often provide a wider viewing angle than flat screens. This means that many people can sit and watch the screen from different angles without losing image quality.

Lightweight and Easy Installation
Curved LED screens are usually very lightweight, reducing pressure on the surface structure. This not only makes installation easy but also reduces costs related to structure and installation.

Interactive Capability


Curved Interactive LED Screen

Some curved LED screens have interactive capabilities, allowing users to perform touch operations or gesture control directly on the curved surface.

Applications of Curved LED Screens
Curved LED screens are the perfect choice for businesses looking to advertise in showrooms, supermarkets, large shopping centers, etc. With a wide area and the ability to reach many customers, using them in such public places will attract a lot of attention and result in increasing profits over time. Additionally, using these screens at airports is also effective. Not only are they easily installed in locations with good visibility, but curved LED screens also serve as information display tools, providing flight times for passengers. Thanks to the inherent flexibility of this type of screen, you can easily install it in various locations, along with the majority of benefits it will bring during use.


Curved LED Screens at Sacombank


Curved LED screens are also suitable for bars, karaoke lounges, and cinemas. In sports arenas, they contribute to providing athletes and spectators with the most authentic feeling in every situation during a match. Indoor stages bring a luxurious and impressive space. Curved LED screens are also applied as advertising displays in shopping centers and high-rise buildings to attract attention.

Quotation for Curved LED Screens
To get a quotation for curved LED screens, you need to provide us with some necessary information, such as the installation location, usage needs, screen size, minimum and maximum viewing distances. Based on this information, we will propose the most suitable solution for your project.

If you are not clear about curved LED screens, we will also advise you on the advantages and benefits of this type of screen, as well as how to choose the right size and resolution according to your business needs and budget.

Installation of Curved LED Screens at Luxmage
Luxmage is a reputable and professional company specializing in the installation of modern and unique LED screens. With professionalism and extensive experience, we commit to providing customers with the best advertising experience.


Professional Team: Luxmage has a team of experts specializing in the installation of LED screens, with top-notch knowledge and techniques in the industry. We are always ready to meet customer requirements and ensure optimal performance for the LED screen system.

High-Quality Products: We provide high-quality LED screen products, ensuring the best brightness, color, and transparency. Our products meet the highest standards and are designed to shine in any environment.

Customization as Required: Luxmage not only makes installing LED screens easy but also allows customization of products according to the specific requirements of each project. We always listen and understand customer needs to ensure a perfect screen system.

Comprehensive Support: We provide comprehensive support services from initial consultation, design, installation, to maintenance and repair. This ensures that customers always have a reliable partner throughout the use of the LED screen.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable partner to install LED screens, contact us at Luxmage for more details and the best advice for your project. In addition to installing transparent LED screens, Luxmage also provides rental services for transparent LED screens, helping customers save costs and align with their projects.


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