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For showroom, which transparent led screen should be selected?

Advertising issues for showrooms are also a problem that many managers wonder. How to advertise for efficiency? How to exude the luxury of the showroom? Ads for showrooms have to be unique? Many questions like that, but where is the answer?

What is the suitable form of advertising for showrooms?

Think about it, for a formal showroom, you can't choose to paste a big poster in front of the glass door, which makes the interior scene dim, the display products are not glamorous and eye-catching for viewers. Of course, it is not possible to choose a hiflex sheet right before the showroom, right? If so, what's the luxury of the showroom?


Transparent LED screen line NS for Rolls-Royce car showroom

What about a normal led screen is located inside the showroom, maybe in a position that does not catch the eye of the viewer as well as not much impressed with the type of led that is inherent in many places. So of course, they don't make a strong impression on the recipient of the message because they are in an inappropriate position.

If the poster is not suitable, the banner is also not suitable, even the led screen is not really the optimal solution, the showroom presentation should show how reasonable?

Rest assured, there are transparent led advertising screen lines!

The transparent led screen is full of preeminent features to solve all the above problems from conventional advertising media.

If anyone who does not know about the transparent led line can refer to what is the transparent LED screen? For those Having known the transparent LEDs, they certainly cannot deny the advantages that this line brings. In particular, for the purpose of use for showrooms, this optimal display solution can help businesses achieve what they need. More specifically, the showroom should use transparent LED products as follows:

NS series - used for luxury brands

This is a line developed based on the advertising needs of high-end brands. And showroom is one of those objects that the NS line can display well. A special feature is that this NS line can be used directly instead of glass walls, ensuring high resolution without affecting the transparency of the glass.

Owing to the NS line led display, the glass position in front of the showroom becomes an expensive location for advertising. Not only bring high advertising efficiency because it is located in an expensive location, frontage position, but transparent leds are sought by many businesses because of easy installation process, not bulky, stunned.

Advantages: High transparency of up to 75%, simple structure, cost savings in installation, does not require complex, light weight support equipment, ....

XRW series - fixed installation

Also a line of ad support no less than NS is the XRM line. This line is mainly used not only in car showrooms but also in many restaurants, airports, banks, or commercial centers ...


The fixed XRW series brings a transparent beauty to the showroom

Advantages: Color images show clearly, high quality, easy to operate, just connect to computer network, remote control, ...

With the above basic information, depending on the purpose used, you can choose the right product line for your showroom. For more variety of products, please refer to the current product range of transparent LEDs. Currently, the transparent LED screen has many suitable product lines for many different purposes, not only that, but also LED screen rental service for event organizers, conferences can Highlight for festivals, booths.

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