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The luxurious and modern design of the building combined with the delicate and transparent features of Luxmage led screen is the perfect choice for the 10th Vincom Center trade center (Hanoi). Located in the central floor area, the led screen is not so simple. By showing quality images, a lot of information is brought to customers quickly and colorful.

Vincom opened for the 10th time in Hanoi

Recently, at 9 am on April 26, 2019, Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung trade center officially opened in Cau Giay district, Hanoi, to meet the shopping needs of many consumers.


The transparent led screen at Vincom Hanoi blends with the sophisticated design familiar to people

With an area of ​​45,000m2 located at the center of Tran Duy Hung Street - located in the west of the city. This is seen as a new shopping paradise in Hanoi with many shopping areas arranged, conveniently arranged, easy for shopping. Therefore, right on the opening day, many people participated.

Featured with giant led screen design

Launched on the right occasion, the highlight of Vincom Center lies in the design. With the main yellow tones, space seems quite familiar to many people here. By recreating a picture of a terraced field in a modern style, a sophisticated building block, the subtle ceiling light system brings a unique commercial center.

Speaking of highlights, it is impossible not to mention the appearance of a transparent led screen. Located in the central floor area, with an area of ​​10m2, it is hung in the middle. Many call this make a giant transparent led screen with visibility combined with extremely efficient indoor lighting.


Spoiled display many messages with transparent led screen

In particular, with easy-to-install features, along with the advantages of compactness, the LED screen can confidently "stand" on without worrying about "falling". Also with the advantages of light that transparent LEDs can be combined with commercial center design to highlight the elegance and sophistication inherent.

Not only that, to make the difference, the led screen has many other advantages that no led can usually do. Make the display technology in the building easier with many different LED screen lines. In the future, catching up with modern life, the appearance of led screens throughout many luxury shopping centers will not be far away.


The thinness of the led screen is transparent


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