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How much is the price of led screen transparent?

Estimated in the future, transparent LED screen will be the focal point in the advertising industry especially displayed on the glass wall structure of the building and commercial center. Up to now, the thing that transparent led do best is to cooperate with international big projects on advertising display such as Rolls Royce, 7eleven, Mc Donald's, ... So owning led screen with price is how much?

Lighting effect of transparent led screen

Why use a transparent led screen that is not another form of display advertising. Of course, there is every reason for it, when choosing transparent led screen will bring high efficiency with benefits that you never get if you choose another type of advertising:

High-tech transparent LED products are not only fashionable but also ensure the overall beauty effect of the glass wall. Making the building as transparent as the original look, only one thing different is the brand image, which can shine right on the transparency of that glass wall.


The building is beautifully made with transparent LED screen effect

Led lighting in the sunlight, the brightness of the led is dimmed, resulting in a poor color display is inevitable. This is the reason for the common led screen when shining under the sun, the image is not visible. For transparent LEDs it is different, thanks to the illumination parameters similar to the sunlight parameters, making the image still vibrant and adjustable.

Obviously, if compared with the ordinary led screen, transparent led has many advantages. This scored a great score in the eyes of entrepreneurs and businesses of all sectors. Obviously, no one is not fond of such a smart product. Since then, in the future, LED screen advertising will become popular, so the use of new technology helps you become a pioneer.

How much is the led screen price transparent?

Along with that trend, the price of a transparent LED display is also being mentioned. For those who are looking for specific prices of transparent LED displays, it may be a bit difficult because they do not have any specific price standards. In other words, the price of a transparent LED display is customizable. When determining prices, consider other factors such as resolution, distance, and brightness.

Usually a transparent led module has thousands of LEDs (about 16,000 for P3 series). How the distance between the LEDs shows their price. The smaller the distance between the LEDs, the more the number of led bulbs, the clearer and more beautiful the image is displayed. Conversely, the higher the distance, the cheaper the corresponding price. In general, the price of the transparent led display is determined by many factors.

Of course, the type of transparent LED display will cost not cheap to match what they bring. For LED displays often the products of poor quality transparent with low price. After using for a period of time, the cost of warranty and repair of advertising loss will make you think. A professional product will not cause you any quality problems.


The distance between the LEDs is one of the factors that determine their cost

Currently, there are not many LED manufacturers throughout, only a few units perform production and directly distribute products in the market. There are a number of other businesses that have the name of a factory, which is actually taken from other manufacturers. So in the process of selecting the led screen throughout the quality should choose reputable manufacturers, have proof of verification, as well as experience the product firsthand.

Luxmage - is proud to be a branch of Led Inventors throughout Nexnovo with a factory in Shenzhen, with full patent patents for transparent LED display products.

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