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Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

We have developed a line of transparent LED screens for rental applications, designed for easy assembly and disassembly, making it the best choice for cultural and entertainment events, commercial exhibitions, and trade shows. With years of experience serving numerous businesses throughout the country, we have many advantages in this field, including highly skilled and experienced technicians who strive to provide you with the best service experience.

1. In what kind of events should I use the rental service for transparent LED screens?

Due to high competitiveness and demand for advertising, the target audience for rental service for transparent LED screens will be very diverse. In general, transparent LED screens can be used for events and audiences such as

  • Exhibitions/seminars/events of organizations, institutions, and government agencies;
  • Product launches, brand advertising, new product lines, business anniversary celebrations, etc.;
  • Advertising events for a third party (business, organization, individual) if the client is an advertising intermediary;
  • Weddings, birthdays, and other personal events based on customer needs;
  • Promoting revenue and attracting customers during a store's grand opening week, etc.
  • Other important occasions to ensure high aesthetics and formality.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Luxmage's transparent LED screens always ensure high aesthetics and formality

2. What are the benefits of using rental service for transparent LED screens?

Should you use the rental service for transparent LED screens or not? The answer will be available after you have considered the advantages that this product line brings, such as:

Placing aesthetics as a top priority


As you may know, transparent LED screens have the advantage of high aesthetics, even in the smallest details as well as overall screens. They help enhance the brand of businesses with subtlety and professionalism. Depending on the nature of the event and the space, customers can choose between different types of LED screens or combine multiple types of screens for the same event. However, with the aim of providing a completely different experience for attendees, transparent LED screens are always a potential candidate that meets most criteria.


However, the price of a transparent LED screen on the market also makes customers quite skeptical. If you only want to use a transparent LED screen for a special occasion to take advantage of its unique features, renting a screen is a more cost-effective solution.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

The transparent LED screen brings high aesthetics and professionalism


Luxmage's transparent LED screen with perfect thinness, can reach 10mm, the controller is streamlined and minimizes the power cords that cause clutter often seen in conventional LED screens. In addition, the flexible transparency level of 65-95% supports any event space you plan to install, providing a classy experience for businesses and leaving an impression on customers.


Quick installation - Convenient conversion


As mentioned above, thanks to minimizing external control parts as well as small loads, the transparent LED screen can be quickly dismantled and transported without requiring a lot of manpower. Installation is also carried out in a short period of time. When using the services of Vilight Technology Co., Ltd. (Luxmage), it only takes half a day to complete the installation and use of this professional advertising screen.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Quick and convenient installation through the service of renting transparent LED screens


Transparent LED screens help your brand become the center of attention at events


If you want your event or program to be professional and attract customers from the first glance, then investing in LED screens for rent is worth considering. This product line not only has a special transparent structure, blending into the surrounding space, but also shows unique content with the most standard and clear display mode. Customers surely cannot take their eyes off the transparent LED screen during the program.


The sophistication and class that the transparent LED screen brings creates value for businesses


In addition, the sensitivity mode of the screen and the controller contribute to quickly changing content without wasting time "loading" or loading data - This is one of the advantages that transparent LED screens have over other types of LED screens. This helps make the program/event become more professional and sophisticated.


Luxmage's outstanding transparent LED screen rental projects


Luxmage's transparent LED screen rental projects are prominent in Vietnam, where many large companies and brands prefer this type of screen. As a result, Luxmage has provided rental services for transparent LED screens to many major companies and brands for various events. Some typical projects that you can refer to include:


Transparent LED screens at Trung Nguyen Corporation's 24th anniversary celebration in 2020


Trung Nguyen chose Luxmage's services for the event marking 24 years of operations in Vietnam. Four screens were installed in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, within one day by a single technician.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

One of four transparent LED screens in the 24th anniversary of Trung Nguyen Group's establishment


Transparent LED screen at Trung Nguyen Coffee Exhibition in 2019


Luxmage's transparent LED screen was present at the Trung Nguyen Coffee Exhibition held in Buon Ma Thuot, with the participation of many other famous coffee brands. This unique experience is the reason why Trung Nguyen always trusts Luxmage for its media events.


Transparent LED screens in the reception hall at COATS' 30th anniversary celebration in Vietnam


Coats Phong Phu, a joint venture between Coats Group and Phong Phu Corporation, also wisely chose transparent LED screens for a new turning point in the company. The event was held at InterContinental Saigon Residences in District 1, with a total screen area of 30m2, installed in half a day by four technicians.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

COATS chooses the location to place the transparent LED screen right at the reception hall


Trade and Industry Department's conference in Tra Vinh in 2018


To connect key industries through the conference, Luxmage provided transparent LED screen rental services for this important event at the Trade and Industry Department in Tra Vinh. Thanks to their standard colors and flexible movement, the transparent LED screens contributed significantly to the success of this conference.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam


Other transparent LED screen rental projects

In addition to LED screen rental in Ho Chi Minh City, Luxmage also carries out projects throughout the country. Please refer to them below.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Rental transparent LED screen used in events at Pullman hotel


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Trung Nguyen has become a reliable partner of Luxmage by using their transparent LED screen rental services
on many occasions.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Another event of Trung Nguyen Coffee in Buon Me Thuot also used transparent LED screen rental services.


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Rental transparent LED screen used in events at Pullman hotel


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Transparent LED display at China Traders Association event


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

Rental transparent led screen is very used in a press conference event


Transparent Led Display Rental in Vietnam

The rental transparent LED display line is also used in large-scale commercial activities


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Using Luxmage's LED screen rental service

If you are quite interested in the above sharing of Luxmage, you can contact us to receive advice, quotation as well as construction and installation in the shortest time.

Quickly connect with Luxmage for specific advice according to the purpose of use and installation location of the project.

And be supported with other incentives such as:

  • Support to design promotional video
  • Professional installation technical support
  • Discount from 10% depending on time and area of use.

Luxmage believes in giving customers the best experience when using our transparent LED screen rental service.


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Address: 80, Street 9, Ward 9, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
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