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Trung Nguyen's booth became more prominent with "transparent led screen" at Caffe 2019 Festival

Recently the 2019 coffee festival has just been held in Buon Me Thuot, where many famous Caffee brands are converging and celebrating coffee growers and traders. Coming to the festival by accident, Luxmage LED screen throughout is also honored to be part of the famous brand Trung Nguyen - to make a difference!
What makes the transparent led screen different!
Installed right next to the booth, the LED screen can convey many useful messages to visitors, easily and quickly. It can be said, this is a flexible display method when this transparent led is able to quickly change the content to suit each stage of the exhibition such as welcoming guests, exchanging information and learning about the product,…

Giao lưu văn nghệ với hiển thị độc đáo cùng led trong suốt!
Cultural exchanges with unique displays and transparent LEDs!

Especially with good visibility in sunlight, the rudimentary content can display well in shimmering regardless of the night or day. This is also a special feature that makes Trung Nguyen coffee booth attractive to tourists.
The success of the project!
Cooperating with Trung Nguyen with a transparent screen of 4x2.5m size with flexible XRW line with convenient detachability, high visibility, long operating lighting frequency. In particular, with the thin, light and inherent nature, the LED screen does not affect the booth structure but instead is a true luxury!
The attraction of both Trung Nguyen brand and LED screen makes the booth always crowded with visitors. Many activities are also taking place around booths and led screens such as cultural exchanges, exchanges with Miss, Runner, ...

Visitors are excited at the festival cafe 2019

It can be said that at the Caffee Festival 2019, this is the successful cooperation between the famous coffee brand and the luxury LED screen brand.
Transparent led screen for rent!
If you are looking for a standout stand at a reasonable price. It is too disadvantageous if the LED screen rental service is not known at Luxmage. Not having to spend too much money to be able to own still has a booth that attracts many visitors.
Drill, before it comes to benefits! To go to the temple, decide to hire a led screen to see if you need them? So why?
- You simply need your stand to stand out?
- The event is about to be too big and you need a display no less than the scale of the event
- Feeling fed up with the complicated things that LED displays usually bring
- Need to install in difficult locations bulky
It can be said that the transparent LED screen can better meet your needs on one screen. Brings another perspective on business branding, success for the event.
So what is the special benefit of the LED screen rental series that makes many people embrace:
The nature of the event is timeless, ie, built in quickly, giving way quickly, so the problem of installation always makes many people interested. The rental led screen has a beautiful physique shape, both firm and convenient. So it is not a matter of meeting the time for the event.
The advantage in the installation is a huge part, however, it is not as good as the display. Even outdoor events or stalls, colorful images still show a wonderful shimmer.
Whether you have a transparent LED screen or rent it for a short time, you'll be fascinated by this line of products. Do not believe, try to hire led screen Luxmage!

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