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What is a transparent led screen?

1.What is transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screen is a new application in optimizing the display of advertising messages for businesses. Called transparent led screen because it can display without the black background, which obstructs the view that conventional LED displays have. This makes a new level of business - the level of luxury.
LUXMAGE transparent LED screen is a new type of ultra-transparent LED display, which has features such as 70-90% transparency, high customizability, in addition with more than 7500 nits brightness, display content is still guaranteed when there is sunlight. The product is widely applied to building curtain wall, shopping mall, airport, bank, restaurant, shopping street, etc., becoming a great tool to attract internet celebrities.



2. Structure of transparent led screen

Unlike conventional led screen, transparent led is applied new technology, making them more advantageous, without too many wires which is difficult to set up and maintain. Transparent led screen is the pinnacle of sophistication because of its simple structure. Each module includes only:
Led bar with many leds distributed thick or thin depending on the resolution
Thin and light aluminum frame to fix the module according to the standard size
Simple conductors in an aluminum frame that do not expose them cause loss of aesthetic
External parts: to control the LED effect as well as the appropriate parameters, the product also has control box, receiving card, CAT5 cable, DVI cable, Plexglass cover, ..

3. 5 outstanding features of transparent LED screen

3.1 High definition and transparency, integrated with architecture

The traditional LED screen when not displayed looks like a black screen, backlit display provides a display effect that is not ideal. Meanwhile, the LUXMAGE transparent LED  screen display allows air and light to pass through without obstructing the view. Even in the case of unconventional pre-engineered architecture, we can still choose customized modules that integrate with the building architecture. 

transparent led display screen
Actual photo of GAMUDA LAND project


transparent led display screen
Application of transparent led screen for shopping mall


3.2. Transparent LED display is lightweight, easy to transport

Taking into account all the structures and power supplies, it weighs only 12kg/㎡, which is half the weight of the traditional LED screen and more convenient to transport.

transparent led display screen

3.3. Transparent LED screen saves energy, protects the environment

Due to the transparent nature of the LUXMAGE screen, the video content being played often uses a black background, making the advertising screen clearer. LED lights when not glowing under a black background can reduce energy consumption by more than 30% compared to a multicolored background. 
Outstanding environmental adaptability - the system supports automatic and manual brightness adjustment, which can not only adapt to the viewer's gaze, but can also reduce adverse eye reactions, both to protect viewers and protect the environment.

transparent led display screen
Transparent LED display at GAMUDA LAND


3.4. Easy to install and disassemble

Power supply and module are integrated design, can be paired quickly.There are 2 types of installation: standing and hanging, no need for a steel frame structure, which is easy to install and dissasemble.

transparent led display screen
Simpler design, easy to install and disassemble


3.5. Simple maintenance - High lifespan

When an individual LED has a problem, there's no need to worry about replacing the entire module, just a single LED strip. Lower maintenance costs, long service life, up to 10w+ hours of use. 

transparent led display screen

 4. Basic specifications of transparent led screen

Technical specifications are information that customers cannot ignore if they want to understand clearly about transparent led display screen, there are some basic information as follows:

  • LED: SMD1921 or SMD1515
  • Brightness: 4500 - 7500 nits
  • Transparency: 70 - 90%
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Pixel pitch: 2.61 x 5.68, 3.91 x 7.82, 7.82 x 7.82
  • Cabinet size: 500mm x 1000mm or 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density and the clearer the image will be, accordingly the penetration of the screen will also decrease, and the screen will become less transparent
Transparent LED display has many different lines to serve the diverse needs of the market, each product will also have certain specifications. 

5. Applications of transparent led screen

transparent led display screen
Application to make glass wall


transparent led display screen
Application to make Atrinum


transparent led display screen
Application to make sliding door


transparent led display screen
Application in sightseeing elevator


transparent led display screen
Shopping mall barrier application


transparent led display screen
Application for the brand's glassdoor


transparent led display screen for exhibition
Application for the exhibition


transparent led display screen for event
Application for launching ceremony and events



6.Quote for transparent led screen

For each transparent LED screen project, the most important thing is to determine the minimum viewing distance and maximum viewing distance to choose the most suitable option.

khoảng cách xem tối thiểu màn hình led trong suốt

In addition, information such as installation location, usage needs, and screen size will also affect the choice of specific options.

Therefore, if you are interested in the transparent LED screen price, please contact us, provide more information, and determine the length and width of the screen so that Luxmage can come up with a detailed quote. more for you. Even if you are new to this screen, we will give you suggestions to help you make the choice that best suits your business's needs and budget.

7. Comparison between regular LED screens and transparent LED screens


Regular LED screen: Using a regular screen, the visibility is not equal to a transparent screen because the higher the transparency, the higher the new display efficiency. Not only that, using a regular LED screen also causes dizziness in vision.

Transparent LED screen: Transparent LED screen has transparency up to 75%, providing good display quality, brighter colors than regular LED. Not only that, because of its high transparency, you can see everything around you without being obscured.

Installation capabilities

Conventional LED screen: The normal weight of an LED screen is about 50kg/m², with this weight, installation in locations such as hanging overhead, where the area is small is truly a difficult thing .

Transparent LED screen: The current standard weight of this type of screen is 12kg/m², much lighter. Therefore, you can freely hang or install it wherever it can promote your brand well, without taking up much space in the store.

Lighting capabilities

Conventional LED screen: During the day, the standard lighting parameter of this LED is about 4000-4500cd, while the lighting parameter of sunlight is about 5000-6000cd. Therefore, during the day this index is quite low to be able to display advertising messages clearly. At night, the LED lighting parameters are too high, up to 2000-3000cd, making viewers feel the screen is bright.

High outdoor lighting ability is one of the indisputable proofs of transparent LEDs

Transparent LED screen: During the day, transparent LEDs have a maximum lighting parameter of 6000cd, making the image still display clearly even under the sun. A special feature of this type of LED is that its lighting ability can be completely adjusted, so at night you can adjust the lighting parameters accordingly.

Savings ability

Regular LED screen: Normally, using this type of LED screen will not bring high savings efficiency. Because, firstly, the operating and installation costs are high due to the need for many personnel, the need for many equipment such as air conditioners to cool the lighting system, and the monthly electricity bill if using conventional LEDs will be high due to the lighting efficiency. of the shadows is 100%.

Transparent LED screen : When it comes to savings, transparent LEDs are superior. Firstly, because it has a transparent LED screen that blends with the air, it automatically cools without the need for air conditioning. Second, installation is easy and convenient, so there is no need for installation or labor costs. Not only that, monthly electricity bills are also significantly saved, only ⅓ compared to conventional LEDs. This makes transparent LEDs a product worth thinking about for users.

8. Why should you use Luxmage transparent LED screen?

Should I use transparent LED screen rental service or not? The answer will be after you refer to the advantages that this product line brings as follows:

Always put aesthetic factors first

As you know, transparent LED screens have the leading advantage of being highly aesthetic, even in the smallest details as well as the overall screen - Helping honor the business's brand that is both sophisticated and very professional. Depending on the nature of the event and space, customers can choose between different LED screen lines or combine multiple types of screens in the same event. However, with the purpose of bringing a completely different experience to attendees, transparent LED screens are always a potential candidate that meets almost all criteria.

However, the price of a transparent LED screen on the market also makes customers quite confused. If you just want to use a transparent LED screen on a special occasion to take advantage of its superior features but don't have enough money to "buy" a whole screen. You can completely solve all of the above problems through the transparent LED screen rental service at Luxmage.

cho thuê màn hình LED trong triển lãm sự kiện
Transparent LED screen brings high aesthetics and professionalism


Luxmage's transparent LED screen has a perfect thinness, can reach 10mm, the controller is streamlined and minimizes the power cords that cause trouble often found in conventional LED screens. Besides, flexible transparency at 65-95% helps support any event space you plan to install, bringing a classy experience to businesses as well as leaving an impression on customers.

Quick installation - Convenient conversion

As Luxmage mentioned above, thanks to minimizing external control parts as well as small load, transparent LED screens can be quickly dismantled and transported without requiring much labor. Installation is also done in a short time. When using the services of Vi Luc Technology Co., Ltd. (Luxmage), it only takes you half a day to complete the installation and use of this professional advertising screen.

cho thuê màn hình LED triển lãm sự kiện
Quick and convenient installation through transparent LED screen rental service


Transparent LED screens help your brand become the focus of the event

If you want your event or program to be professional and attract customers at first sight, rental LED screens are well worth the investment. Because the product line not only has a special transparent structure, blending into the surrounding space, but also displays unique content with the clearest and standard color display mode. Customers certainly cannot take their eyes off the LED screen during the show.

The class and sophistication that transparent LED screens bring creates business value

In addition, the sensitivity of the screen and controller contributes to allowing content to be changed flexibly and quickly without wasting time "loading" or downloading data - This is one of the advantages that the screen has. Transparent LED offers compared to other types of LED screens. This contributes to making the program/event more professional and sophisticated.

Our workflow

1. Receive customer requests via hotline, zalo, email,... with basic information such as: screen size, venue, usage needs,...

2. Our technicians will come to survey the site to come up with an installation plan that best suits customer requirements.

3. After agreeing on the plan and cost, the two parties sign a contract to ensure each party's rights.

4. Carry out installation and test run, ensure the screen runs stably and ensures that there are no technical problems and no errors.

9. Reputable transparent LED screen supplier

As a unit that has accompanied the development of transparent LED screens in Vietnam from the beginning until now, witnessing this new technology product constantly changing and improving, Luxmage has accumulated a lot of knowledge. and experience to serve businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout the country.

Up to now, Luxmage has carried out many projects of fixed installation and rental of large and small transparent LED screens for events, exhibitions, advertising, and stages for many units, including Big brands such as Trung Nguyen Coffee , AnphaKing, Gamuda Sales Gallery, Vincom, Mumuso,...and many other partners.

If you are interested in transparent LED screens, you can immediately call Luxmage 0988895066 for the fastest quote or contact:



Vi Luc Technology Co., Ltd - LUXMAGE
Address: No.80, Street 9, Go Vap District, HCM city
Hotline: 0988.895.066




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