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What is the led screen? - What few people know about led screens

Currently, the concept of the led screen is no longer strange, just as their application in life has been widely recognized. LED screens can project multiple images, videos, etc., doing many things that conventional transmitters like TVs and projectors cannot do. Find out how special LED screens are now?

What is the led screen?

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emting Diode. Previously, LED displays were usually large in size, made from photodiode diodes. The main color system used is RGB ("R" - red, "G" - green, "B" - blue). From this basic color system, millions of other colors can be created, including white, making the transmission of images more vivid. If mentioning the led screen, it is impossible not to mention an important pixel parameter or altitude. This parameter shows saturated colors or better understandable colors displayed for the viewer.


How many types of led screens are available?

The classification of led screens helps customers choose the product line to suit the needs and use the purposes of each customer.

- Indoor LED screen, also called indoor line, is designed not too complicated, not water resistant and is a LED display for softer brightness, anti-glare when human eyes look at and give Get clarity when looking closely.

- Outdoor LED screen, also known as reverse outdoor, is water resistant and is a super bright LED screen, clearly resistant to glare when the sun is shining, withstand harsh weather like storms, The heat of the weather is still visible when it is on the outside lid, including sunlight and can see clearly the contents of the LED screen when it is far and high.

The common structure of the led screen

LED screens are usually composed of different modules, depending on the structure, the module has many different sizes, which are assembled into many large panels, giving the LED screen with the size and shape as required. Current module size: 128 * 128mm, 160 * 160mm, 192 * 192mm, 256 * 128mm, 320 * 160mm.

The more developed technology, now, the high-tech led screen is designed neatly, making the module size become more standard. For loose modules, the standard size is 1000mm * 500mm.


Wide application of led displays

The main function of the LED screen is to display all images, information, videos, ... in many different spaces, helping to convey information to many subjects. Wide application of led displays is included:

  • Using led screen as billboards, signboards
  • Use led screens in restaurants to display photos, information, videos about media
  • Use led screens in commercial centers, restaurants, hotels,
  • Use led screen for stage festivals, performances
  • For indoor and outdoor lighting

The above are some specific lists of applications of led displays, in fact, their applications can be flexible in different cases. Not only stop here, high-tech led screen was developed to expand the application of conventional LEDs, in addition, also ensure the aesthetics. Refer to the line of high-tech led screen also known as a transparent led screen to be able to visualize more clearly the development of innovation in display technology today.

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