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The basic component of transparent LED screen?

Transparent led screen is composed of many modules that are coupled together. Therefore, the ability to customize the size according to the needs of this screen is very high. Each module of the screen will be composed of the main components: LED bulb, LED bar, aluminum frame, data transmitter.
LED bars, LEDs and microchips are mounted at a standard distance. This distance will depend on the screen resolution required. The higher the quality of the LED bar, the better the visibility. Therefore, this is the first factor to consider when choosing an LED screen. The LED bars will be held in place by an extremely light and thin premium aluminum frame. Make sure the module has a standard size, without errors or deviations during installation. The wires of the lights will be hidden inside the aluminum frame to avoid the cumbersome and unsightly look.
In addition, there are other parts such as: control system, receiving card, CAT5 cable, DVI cable, Plexglass cover, ...