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Interactive LED display

Interactive LED display

 What is an interactive LED display?

The main interactive LED display is the LUXMAGE transparent LED display, which is equipped with an intelligent human-computer interaction system that can effectively enhance customer engagement and increase brand awareness.

The LUXMAGE interactive screen system incorporates body dynamics technology, character skeleton recognition, 3D technology, AR and other technologies. When you walk past the large screen, it will recognise you, interact with you and actively push important information to you

Suitable for business and media events such as shopping malls, high-end shops, showrooms, showrooms and exhibitions.

The most popular interactive LED display models

Flip the book with your hand

Change the order of the displayed image content by flipping your hand, flipping your right hand to the left and flipping your left hand to the right.
Users can edit the display to suit their needs and can also edit the image content to suit the needs of the screen. The icons and names of the modules can also be edited as required, e.g. product presentation, company style ......

 What is an interactive LED display?


Fruit Ninja

The user can see a virtual hand icon on the screen synchronised with their own. As the fruit flies across the screen, the user can cut it in half with their hand and the score will be displayed in the top corner of the screen. At the end of the game, the total score is displayed. If the target is reached, congratulations are given and if not, an encouragement icon appears. This interactive module can support multiple participants.


 What is an interactive LED display?


Interactive particles

When someone appears, particles of different colours on the screen interact with each other and the colour of the particles will change over time.


 What is an interactive LED display?

Cherry blossom scene

When the user walks into the touch area, an image of themselves appears on the screen and the falling cherry blossom petals are blocked by their body. . Different scenes can also be customised, such as winter scenes, falling snowflakes, autumn scenes, falling maple leaves, etc.


 What is an interactive LED display?

Human-shadow interaction

When someone walks into the sensing area, a silhouette will appear on the background of the base image. When the user performs an action, the virtual silhouette performs the same action. The wallpaper can be changed before and after, and videos and images can be displayed.

 What is an interactive LED display?


Body parkour

The user controls the panda by moving left and right, jumping and crouching, eating more points and avoiding various crates and bridges to run around the screen to save their lives. The panda brothers really don't have it easy. The game is designed as a time limit game and the highest score within the time limit wins.


 What is an interactive LED display?


On-screen interaction

This type of interaction is suitable for many indoor and outdoor display scenarios, the main application scenarios being street shop window displays and water shop signs. Minimalist presentation with no threshold for customer interaction. Adding interactive functionality to window displays allows customers to connect with them interactively. By providing a novel experience for the user, this will greatly enhance the appeal of the window display, increase attention and boost the value of the advertisement.

 What is an interactive LED display?


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