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Smart Film

Smart Film

Switchable smart film are specialized products for glass surfaces, glass walls, glass walls, capable of converting from transparent to opaque and vice versa. It helps you create special spaces filled with light, while comfortably managing your private space with just one click.


Smart film

Key features of smart glass film key

Provide privacy on demand with switchable smart glass film

Insulation: resist more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and 80% of infrared rays, heat insulation, energy saving.

Explosion-proof: use laminated tempered glass.

Intelligent control: a variety of remote control, wifi, app, optional dimming control.

Easy to install: with our smart glazing technology, any installer can install

Smart film


Smart glass film construction

Smart glass film is a new type of special product that combines TFT liquid crystal film into two layers of glass and laminated by high temperature and high pressure. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the electric current on and off. The glass itself not only has the characteristics of all safety glasses, but also has a privacy protection function to control the transparency of the glass.

Smart film

A stage in the processing of smart glass film


Switchable smart glass film is a new type of light-controlled electronic product, also known as polymer dispersion liquid crystal film (PDLC liquid crystal film). Under the adjustment of the applied voltage, the product instantly switches between transparent and opaque. That's the main reason to create Switchable Smart Glasses.

Core material. Matte film is divided into laminated frosting film and self-adhesive and self-adhesive frosting film. Laminated frosted film is a semi-finished product, used to sandwich between two pieces of glass and made into a cost-effective frosting material For glass, self-adhesive Switchable Smart Glass is an expense. It is used to attach to existing regular glass to achieve the properties of Switchable Smart Glass without the need to renovate and replace the glass.

Switchable laminated smart glass offers greater safety and security in both the workplace and home. Our unique manufacturing process means that our laminated panels offer performance and clarity superior to others on the market.

How does the switchable smart film work?

Switchable smart film is a form of technology that allows transparent glass to turn into frosted glass. This sturdy, frosted glass offers more privacy by preventing it from being see-through. Film is glued to existing glass and connected to a wall switch or controller that allows you to turn the film on and off when extra privacy is needed.

Smart film


Where can smart glass films be applied?

The switchable layer is sandwiched between two sheets of tempered glass, making our laminated smart glass a safe and highly durable solution for specialized applications – such as healthcare, public area, bathroom & wet room, hotel & hotel, clean room, etc.

The seamless nature of laminated smart glass means that the panels can be placed side by side (glass to glass) without any vertical frames. This makes the convertible smart glass the ideal choice for glass walls and partitions, creating a very minimalist and modern look.

Our standard switchable smart glasses come in 12mm and 14mm thickness. However, custom glass thicknesses and specifications are available upon request. Custom glass specifications and bulletproof options are also available upon request.

Product application range:

1. Business applications used in homes such as meeting rooms, command rooms, computer rooms, hotel bathrooms, restrooms, etc. , and has the dual function of transparency and privacy.Using translucent film as a partition can improve spatial layout, make brightness adjustment, and beautify space.

Smart film

Smart glass films create instant privacy for conference rooms


2. Housing application: doors and windows, balcony windows, glazing, etc. ,maybe Adjustable to transparent light, transparent vision and also adjustable to opaque to ensure privacy and safety in the home.


Smart film

Application in places where privacy is required in the home


3. Medical facilities: Instead of curtains, it is environmentally friendly, clean and not easy to pollute, providing a good environment and avoiding the troubles and concerns caused by curtain pollution.

4. Banking display and anti-theft application in shopping malls: Bank glasses, museum, exhibition stand remains transparent during normal business hours, when business is closed or in case of emergency, the glass can be dimmed instantly by remote control, ensuring safety for people and safe and secure assets.

5. Other applications: car sunroofs, rail transport, refrigerators, billboards, game machines, small display cabinets and all other glass designs that require dual functions à transparency and privacy.

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