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The retail store

The retail store

Transparent LED display is an innovative  solution that turns windows or buildings into digital signage displays, making advertising more active and vivid. With patented technology, these screen displays can serve as division boards, advertising tools or glasses facade in retail store. Some application examples include storefronts; hotel facades, exterior window screens, interior doors/shop windows, building facades, display shelves,etc.

 We have experience in providing display solutions in the field of digital signage, transparent LED displays for retail windows as well as in-store video wall solutions and interactive touch screen.

Our transparent LED displays have high brightness, smallest pixel pitch to 2.5mm and transparency to more than 70%, specially designed for using in different environments,  still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.


điều khiển màn hình led trong suốt






Control by smartphone

Interactive experience

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High transparency 75~92%

Screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meter

High consistency

The rate of dead-pixel is much less than other competitors

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màn hình led trong suốt độ trong suốt








The transparent LED display in the form of an LED poster offers advanced and eye-catching technological effects

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