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Advantages and Disadvantages of Transparent Adhesive LED Screens


Transparent adhesive LED screens, also known as LED film on glass, are not only advanced products but also come with several noteworthy advantages and disadvantages. To provide you with a detailed and accurate understanding of this product, let's delve deeper into it in this article, brought to you by Luxmage.

Advantages of Transparent Adhesive LED Screens
Lightweight and Transparent: Transparent adhesive LED screens eliminate the need for external frames or keel supports and consist of LED film pieces assembled to desired sizes. This design minimizes light obstruction, achieving up to 95% transparency, allowing viewers to see through even when the screen is active. Additionally, with a thickness of only 3mm and a weight of approximately 4kg/sqm, these screens are lightweight and space-efficient.


Quick Installation and Versatile Arrangement: Transparent adhesive LED screens can be installed in two ways: directly fixed to glass surfaces or suspended indoors. Compared to conventional transparent LED screens, these screens offer advantages in terms of installation time and cost. They can be directly mounted on glass walls without the need for additional accessories, saving time, labor, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal.


Customizable Applications: These screens offer high flexibility, allowing them to bend into various shapes such as curves or uneven surfaces. This flexibility makes transparent adhesive LED screens suitable for a wide range of custom technical applications that may be challenging for traditional LED screens. Moreover, these screens can be cut and applied on the spot, facilitating timely repairs without the need for complete screen replacements.


Disadvantages of Transparent Adhesive LED Screens

Adhesive Layer Reduces Transparency and Poses Maintenance Challenges: The adhesive layer used to attach transparent adhesive LED screens to glass surfaces compromises screen transparency and adversely affects display quality. Moreover, this adhesive layer poses challenges in terms of maintenance. In case of pixel damage or faults, repairs are not possible, necessitating the replacement of the entire module. Once the adhesive is removed, it cannot be reapplied, losing its adhesiveness and transparency.


Low Voltage and Brightness: Transparent adhesive LED screens utilize Drive-IN LED technology, operating at low voltage to reduce heat and save energy. However, this also results in lower screen brightness, especially when competing with ambient light. The brightness of these screens typically ranges from 1000-1500 nits, whereas conventional transparent LED display can achieve 5000-6000 nits. This makes transparent adhesive LED screens less prominent and challenging to attract viewer attention.


Low Resolution, Unsuitable for Large Screen Areas: With a resolution around P8 or P10, meaning a pixel pitch of 8 to 10 mm, transparent adhesive LED screens have relatively low resolution compared to other LED screen types. Consequently, these screens are suitable for installations where viewing distances are greater, and close-up viewing is not required. Increasing resolution would compromise transparency and brightness, impacting display quality. Additionally, these screens are not ideal for large screen areas due to their low resolution, low brightness, and limited transparency.


Despite these drawbacks, transparent adhesive LED screens remain a promising and innovative product. As the technology advances, manufacturers continue to make significant improvements, incorporating features like dual-layer adhesive, high-quality LED particles resistant to high temperatures and UV rays. This ensures product quality and successful operation in various technical projects. Moreover, post-installation maintenance has been significantly reduced.


In conclusion, the above are some key advantages and disadvantages of transparent adhesive LED screens. Luxmage hopes that this information has provided you with a detailed insight into the product. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about transparent adhesive LED screens, feel free to contact us directly. We are here to address all your inquiries.


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