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Compare the difference between transparent led screen and traditional led screen

Advertising is an essential activity for businesses. How to advertise products to users, attract users, promote user behavior is always the top goal. The goal of the transparent led screen is also formed so that the advertising can be very impressive.
Difference between the transparent led screen and traditional led screen
For the first time, users who use transparent LED screen, in which case should use normal led and in which case should use transparent led is not easy to answer. So first compare a little about traditional and transparent LEDs to see how they differ?

About brightness
The first difference between these two types of LEDs is in terms of brightness. The usual led screen cannot be clearly displayed during the day, while the transparent led does this best. The main reason is that the lighting parameters of the LEDs are transparent up to 6000cd, while the LEDs are usually only 2000-3000cd.

The similarity of light parameters to the sun makes the naked eye see the image that the transparent LED screen emits, otherwise not with the normal leds. Not only that, when the sun is off, the transparent LED is able to adjust its own lighting parameters to a suitable level. And the regular led only maintains a fixed level, making the night light emit uncomfortable eyes.

About structure

The second difference that the naked eye can see most clearly is their appearance. If the LED screen is usually bulky with many wires connected in a big box making their weight sometimes up to 50kg / m2, it is impressive with transparent leds which are compact modules, shaped at many different positions.

Weighing only 12kg / m2, 1/3 times lighter than regular leds, the transparent LED screen can move easily to keep the terrain and installation fast, without too much labor, when it happens. the problem does not glow nor need to be too headache to find any faulty conductor. The simpler the structure, the more we can see how transparent the led technology is.

About transparency
The most important feature that cannot be mentioned when it comes to this advanced type of LED is their transparency. Transparency is between 65% -95% depending on the resolution of each line. Thanks to this transparency, the brand is upgraded to a new level - a level of luxury.
Of course, conventional led screens can't get this advantage. For anyone who has ever used a led, it is often possible to know, they only include diodes attached to black LEDs called modules. The color cannot be varied through the black background so when the design needs to create another background, the led bulbs will operate at full capacity.
So when is the LED screen application transparent?
The transparent led screen is mainly used in advertising activities, brand promotion, image building. Currently, transparent LEDs are developed in a variety of lines suitable for a variety of different needs, from which they are applied more, in a wide range of fields:
- Communication and advertising: Removable and convenient lines in service of conferences, festivals, opening seminars, ... Activities that require fast, non-fixed features of the screen Transparent leds can serve well.

- Businesses, high-end brands: High-class lines can be a good replacement for glass walls, used for showrooms, diverse sizes. Big brands used to promote brands not only improve their value but also affirm their brand-level - brand of the caliber
- Promoting the chain of stores: The electronic screen line, smart poster for the store, helps the advertising message to be homogeneous and controlled remotely, making the promotion, discount, congratulation Customers come quickly and synchronously.
- ....
Currently, transparent LED screens gradually become familiar to businesses in Vietnam in particular and brands in the world in general. In the coming time, they will become more popular, making friends with more brands to bring them good lighting effects.

Posted by: Admin - Date: 24-10-2023