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Outdoor advertising LED screen is an advanced digital display technology, widely used to convey advertising messages and multimedia content outdoors. These devices are often installed in important locations in cities, shopping centers, on high-rise buildings and at stadiums. With water resistance and weather resistance, outdoor LED screens can operate stably in all climate conditions.



The notable point of the outdoor advertising LED screen is its high brightness, allowing it to operate clearly even in strong sunlight conditions. High resolution and rich color rendering help create engaging and impressive content. Let's find out more with Luxmage in this article! 

Characteristics of outdoor advertising LED screens

Outdoor advertising LED screens are a type of digital display device used to convey advertising messages, information or other multimedia content outdoors. Called " LED screens " because of the use of LEDs to create images and videos, these screens are often installed in public locations, shopping malls, on high-rise buildings, on the sidelines of the streets, in various stadiums and outdoor events.



Outdoor advertising LED screens often have the following characteristics:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof: They are designed to withstand the effects of outdoor environments, including rain, sun rays, and temperature fluctuations.
  • High brightness: Outdoor LED displays must have high brightness to ensure clarity and readability even in strong sunlight conditions.
  • High color and resolution: They are capable of displaying multiple colors and high resolution to produce quality images and videos.
  • Network connection and remote management: Outdoor advertising LED screens are often connected to the network system to be able to update content remotely and manage them effectively.
  • Energy efficient: These displays are often designed to be energy efficient, especially when using multiple LEDs.

Outdoor advertising LED screens are often used to advertise products, announce events, display traffic information, and transmit news or entertainment television content. This is a powerful and effective advertising tool to attract the attention of passersby and potential customers.

Is using outdoor LED screens effective?

Using outdoor advertising LED screens brings impressive efficiency in the field of advertising and message transmission. With the ability to attract attention, integrate a variety of content, and interact with new technology, outdoor LED screens not only create a strong impression, but also help businesses connect effectively. with customers. This promotes flexibility, energy savings and the ability to measure performance, turning outdoor LED advertising screens into a potential advertising tool for every business.
Dubbed an advanced solution for outdoor advertising by experts, customer research has proven that advertising through LED screens brings a superior customer experience.

Use flexible image motion technology

Up to 96% of customers participating in the survey said they were attracted to dynamic advertising. Outdoor advertising LED screens convey messages in a flexible and realistic way like everyday life. This makes advertising easier to reach and attract customers more effectively.

The screen integrates moisture-proof, water-proof, and heat-proof technology



Advanced technology in production helps outdoor LED screens resist environmental factors and improve display quality as well as the lifespan of advertising screens.
The usual size of an LED advertising screen is at least 50 square meters, placed at a height of over 5 meters and always ensures brightness at a level of 500 to 8500 cd/
sqm . All of these elements help ads attract and create a strong impression on viewers.

Easily manage ads

Outdoor LED screen advertising can be presented in many formats, from videos to animations and photo slide shows. This allows designers to be creative without worrying about lighting equipment, bringing new creativity to outdoor LED advertising.

Easy to disassemble, install and move

When you need to change the ad location, you just need to move the device without worrying about the ad image being damaged. This makes moving convenient, reduces the risk of damage and saves time.

Transparent LED screen - Current outdoor LED screen trend

What is a transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screens represent a giant leap forward in LED screen technology. Designed with a transparent glass shape, allowing viewers to see through from both sides, even when the screen is active.

Transparent LED screens are a new application in optimizing the display of advertising messages for businesses. Called "transparent" because they have the ability to display light without creating a black background that obscures vision, this creates a new elegance and class for businesses.

Luxmage's transparent LED screen is special with high transparency, from 70-90%, sharp images and high customization capabilities. With outstanding brightness of over 7500 nits, displayed content is always clear even when exposed to sunlight. The product's applications are very diverse, from the construction of curtain walls, use in shopping malls, airports, banks, restaurants, to shopping roads, and many other applications. Transparent LED screens have become a great tool to attract attention, especially for Internet celebrities.

Compare transparent LED screen to traditional LED screen

The comparison between ordinary LED screen and transparent LED screen has the following aspects:




  • Conventional LED screens: Conventional LED screens have lower visibility than transparent LED screens. Because the higher the transparency of the LED screen, the better the display effect. This also causes the problem of blinding the viewer's vision.
  • Transparent LED screen: Transparent LED screen has up to 75% transparency, providing higher display performance with brighter colors than conventional LED. In particular, high transparency helps keep visibility through without losing the ability to see around.

Installation capabilities:


  • Conventional LED screens: Conventional LED displays weigh around 50kg/m², which makes installation in high locations or in limited spaces difficult.
  • Transparent LED screen: Transparent LED screen has a lower weight, about 12kg/m², making it easy to hang or install in many locations and save store space.

Lighting capabilities:

  • Conventional LED screens: Conventional LED screens have lighting parameters of about 4000- 4500cd during the day, which is relatively low for clear display. At night, the lighting parameters are too high, causing glare for viewers.
  • Transparent LED screen: The transparent LED screen has a maximum illumination parameter of 6000cd during the day, helping to display clearly under the sun. A special feature is that it can adjust the lighting ability at night to suit.

Technical specifications of transparent led screen



Refer to transparent LED screen advertising projects: HERE

Quote for transparent LED screen

When you consider a transparent LED screen project, one of the most important factors is determining the minimum viewing distance and maximum viewing distance. This helps you choose the most suitable solution for your project's specific needs.

khoảng cách xem tối thiểu màn hình led trong suốt

The minimum viewing distance of a transparent LED screen plays an important role in deciding which product is right for your project. In addition, factors such as installation location, intended use, and screen size will also affect the final decision.

If you are interested in a transparent LED screen quote, please contact us. We will need more detailed information, including installation location, intended use, as well as screen size. This will help us provide you with a more detailed and accurate quote.

Whether you are new to transparent LED screens or have experience, we will always be ready to offer suggestions and advice so you can make the best choice, suitable for your needs and budget. your project.

Important notes when using advertising LED screens

When using outdoor LED screen advertising, there are some important notes you need to consider to ensure good performance and longevity of the system. Here are some important notes:

  • Attractive Content Design: In outdoor LED screen advertising, advertising space is often shared among many different brands. Therefore, the design and implementation of advertising content needs to be done in a way that is outstanding and attractive. This requires a focus on creating content that doesn't look lackluster and ensures that it stands out from the competition. This is especially important to attract the viewer's attention.
  • Choosing the Appropriate Location: For advertising on outdoor LED screens, choosing the screen location is very important. You need to determine the location that is suitable for the target customer group you need to reach. This location needs to have high viewer traffic to ensure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
  • LED screen quality: Choose a quality LED screen and ensure that it meets the requirements for brightness, resolution, and water and dust resistance.
  • Weather protection: Make sure the LED display is protected from bad weather such as rain, storms, snow, and excessively high or low temperatures.
  • Brightness Adjustment: Customize the brightness of the LED screen based on the natural light level in the surrounding environment. This saves energy and creates clearer images.
  • Periodic monitoring and maintenance: Follow the LED screen inspection, maintenance and cleaning schedule to ensure stable operation and avoid problems.
  • Use professional adware: Make sure you use the right adware to manage your content and airtime.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: Check and comply with regulations and laws related to outdoor advertising, including advertising regulations and environmental regulations.
  • Check performance: Monitor advertising performance on LED screens and adjust content and broadcast time as needed.


These notes help ensure that your outdoor LED display operates efficiently, has a long lifespan, and creates a strong impression on your customers and target audience.

Reputable LED advertising screen rental and installation unit

If you are looking for an LED screen for rental, Luxmage edit is a top choice. We are a reputable unit, providing stable quality services, and we are committed to providing the most competitive prices. We also have a team of professional technical staff ready to assist in installing and running the program.
Our services serve many types of
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We also offer special incentives including support in advertising video design, professional technical installation, and the opportunity to receive discounts of up to 10%, depending on time and area used. Luxmage is committed to giving customers the best experience when using our outdoor LED screen rental service.
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