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Currently, using outdoor LED screens to advertise products is an effective choice, favored by many businesses. However, if you do not have in-depth knowledge of the LED Display field, choosing the right product can be challenging. Let's learn with Luxmage all the important information below about outdoor LED screens.

What is outdoor led screen?


An outdoor LED screen is a device that displays information and images using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology in outdoor environments. What's special about outdoor LED displays is their ability to withstand the effects of harsh weather, such as rain, sun, wind, temperature changes, and other environmental factors.

The LED bulbs on outdoor LED screens are often bright and large, creating sharp and brilliant images, with high contrast. This helps display vibrant content, such as promotional videos, product images, or event information, in a clear and engaging way.

Outdoor LED displays are commonly used in many applications, including brand advertising, traffic information displays, stage events , conferences and many other content conveying messages in outdoor environments. An important feature of Outdoor LED Displays is the ability to adjust brightness depending on ambient light conditions, which ensures clarity and saves energy, even in bright light conditions.

Types of outdoor LED screens

Fixed hanging outdoor LED screen:

  • The structure includes a separate iron frame designed to hang the outdoor LED screen.
  • Control systems and auxiliary equipment such as data processors, signal transceiver cards, and control computers help manage and display information Online or Offline.
  • LED modules are assembled to form a screen with the appropriate size for outdoor advertising needs

Outdoor LED screen with stand:

Similar in structure to a fixed LED screen, but different in that the base is made of iron or concrete, located at a suitable distance from the ground.

Removable and removable LED screen:

  • This type of LED screen is usually pre-assembled and can be disassembled and moved according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Including screen support system and LED cabin support frame, including small LED screens with fixed size. This allows the screen to be moved to any location.

In addition, outdoor LED screens also have many other classifications based on purpose of use, display color and resolution:

  • By purpose of use: Used to show images, videos, create event backgrounds, introduce brands, products, and many other purposes.
  • According to the color shown
  • According to resolution

Notes when using outdoor LED screens



When undertaking a project using an outdoor LED Display, there are some important considerations that you should consider to ensure that the device operates efficiently and reliably in harsh outdoor environments. Here are some practical experiences for you to consider:

  • Specific Environmental Assessment: Every project will have a specific environment, with varying weather and environmental conditions. This may require a specific type of LED Display or level of IP protection. Perform a detailed assessment to ensure that the product chosen is suitable for that environment.
  • Choosing the Right Type of LED Screen: There are many types of outdoor LED Screens, including transparent LED Screens and traditional LED Screens. Choose the type that suits your intended use and project requirements.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important to ensure that LED Displays function well over time. Determine a maintenance schedule and do it regularly.
  • Check the Structural Frame: The structural frame plays an important role in protecting the LED Display from strong winds and outdoor environments. Ensure that the structural frame is built firmly and reliably.
  • Ambient Temperature Control: Manages the temperature around the LED Display to ensure that it does not get too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures can affect device performance and longevity.
  • Power Management: Ensure that the power supply is stable and does not cause voltage instability or flicker.
  • Use According to Manufacturer's Instructions: Follow the manufacturer's instructions and suggestions when installing, operating and maintaining outdoor LED Displays.
  • Wind Resistant Products: If your area is prone to strong winds, consider using a product with better wind resistance to ensure safety and consistent performance.
  • Protection When Not In Use: For LED Displays that are not in use for long periods of time, protect them from weather and dust by using a cover or appropriate storage area.

Outdoor transparent LED screen - Welcoming LED screen technology

Introducing the outdoor transparent LED screen

outdoor transparent LED screen is an outstanding multi-purpose product in the field of outdoor LED screens. With its high transparency, light weight, excellent outdoor visibility in sunlight and quick installation, it has proven excellent in many applications. This product is often widely used in fields such as outdoor overhead displays, office buildings, indoor and outdoor glass walls, exhibitions, outdoor stages, shopping centers, airports , ...

This product has passed strict tests for water resistance and water resistance with IP65 waterproof certification and has pixel resolution from P3.91 to P10.42.

Outstanding features of outdoor transparent LED screens

  • This monitor is completely designed for outdoor environments with IP65 protection level, ensuring stable waterproof, dustproof and windproof performance.
  • With modular design and thin and light structure, weight is only about 16kg/m2 and ultra-thin thickness is only 82mm.
  • transparent LED screen has good transparency, does not obstruct natural light, transparency can reach 50%.
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance, the screen does not require an air conditioning system, is effectively windproof, helps save energy and is environmentally friendly.
  • The maintenance process is simple and convenient, you can choose pre- or post-failure routine maintenance and deploy this product in a variety of installation environments.

Specifications of Outdoor Transparent LED Screen


Below are the specifications of the outdoor transparent led screen for your reference:



Size of outdoor LED screen

The size of an outdoor LED Display can be very variable and depends on the intended use, advertising value, space and budget of the specific project. Below are some common sizes, but there can be many different options:

  • Small LED Screens: Usually have sizes from 1m2 to 10m2. They are suitable for applications such as in-store advertising, small outdoor events, or traffic information displays.
  • Medium LED Screen: Size from 10m2 to 50m2. This type is often used for advertising in office buildings, airports, stadiums, or large event display boards.
  • Large LED Screen: Over 50m2 in size. They are commonly found in stadiums, skyscrapers, large squares, and outdoor stages for large music and performance events.
  • Custom LED Displays: In addition to standard sizes, you can also have custom LED displays made to your desired size and ratio for your specific project.

Choosing the right size for an outdoor LED Display is important to ensure that it fits the intended use, space realities and budget. In addition to size, you also need to consider resolution, scale, and other features such as transparency, brightness, and water resistance to meet all project requirements.


Reputable outdoor LED screen supplier

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