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Transparent LED screens have become an indispensable element in modern advertising and exciting events. However, not everyone wants to invest a large amount of money in purchasing a separate LED screen. The best solution for this is to rent an LED screen for their event. In this article, Luxmage will guide you how to find and choose a cheap and reliable indoor and outdoor LED screen rental service to make your event outstanding and interesting.

Characteristics of transparent led screen                          

The transparent LED screen marks the perfect combination of new technology and techniques. Opens up a new world of creativity, unlimited potential. Instead of obscuring vision, transparent LED screens provide sophisticated aesthetics and the ability to display information clearly while still maintaining a natural view through the screen.


The applications of transparent LED screens are extremely diverse. In the field of advertising, it turns every glass window into a vivid billboard without losing the outside view. In architecture and interior design, transparent LED screens become part of the interior, like a ceiling or glass wall, bringing a modern and classy style.

Not only that, the transparent LED screen also allows interaction to create a unique and engaging experience, suitable for exhibitions, museums and entertainment. Integrating transparency and powerful visibility, it makes every aspect of life and art more stylish, more exciting, and creates unmissable highlights.

Advantages of transparent led screens:



  • Super light: Weighs only 6 - 15kg, which means you can easily carry it with just one hand and install it conveniently.
  • Ultra-thin: Cabinet is made of die-cast aluminum, ensuring durability and high precision. Anti-deformation ability helps save effort when transporting.
  • Compatible: With new structural design, it meets the requirements of hoisting and stacking well. This makes it suitable for rental in a variety of environments.
  • Fast: The box is connected up and down with a quick locking mechanism, allowing the installation process to be completed in just 10 seconds with high precision.
  • Reliable: With high durability and hardness, it is effective in dissipating heat, helping to ensure the stability of the display.
  • Reasonable price: With ultra-lightweight design, low installation costs, and low power consumption, this cabinet saves operating costs and reduces labor costs.

Benefits of renting a transparent LED screen

Creative and impressive - That is the top benefit you can achieve when renting a transparent LED screen for your event. With the ability to display high-quality images and videos, transparent LED screens create a vivid picture, helping you attract attention and send a powerful message to your target audience. Regardless of whether you are organizing a business meeting, seminar, music performance, or festival, LED screens are an indispensable tool to make your event special and impressive. Don't worry about costs and customization, LED screen rental offers flexibility and significant savings, allowing you to express your creativity without investing too much.


Renting an LED screen offers many important benefits, including:


  • Effective advertising: LED screens allow you to convey your message in a clear and interesting way. You have the ability to display high-quality images and videos that attract the attention of your customers and target audience. This turns LED screens into an effective advertising tool, helping to increase awareness of your brand.
  • Flexibility and customization: LED screens have the ability to change content quickly and easily. You can customize the content displayed to reflect your message or change it over time. This helps you stay fresh and relevant for every event and goal.
  • Create an interactive experience: LED screens are capable of displaying videos and animations, creating an interactive experience for the audience. This increases the connection between your brand and customers, creating an impression and excitement.
  • Cost savings: Compared to buying a separate LED screen, renting an LED screen often saves significant costs. You don't have to worry about maintenance costs, storage, or technical issues, helping you control your budget more effectively.
  • Easy installation and operation: Companies that provide LED screen rental services often provide installation services and technical support. This saves you time and effort in implementing LED displays. At the same time, you also get support during operations to ensure everything goes smoothly.

These benefits when renting an LED screen help you make the most of creativity, effective advertising and cost savings for your event or activity.

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Factors that determine LED screen rental prices

When you are considering LED screen rental prices for an event, there are some important factors you need to consider:

LED screen size (Unit square meter)

Size is the most important factor. If you need a large screen, the rental price will be higher. The reason is that large screens require more power to operate. Rental prices are usually calculated based on the screen area in square meters.

Type and resolution of LED screen

The type of LED screen also affects the rental price. For example, there are indoor LED screens (p2.1, p2.5, p2.6,...) and outdoor LED screens (p3.9, p8, p16,...). Outdoor LED screens typically have higher brightness and sharpness and, therefore, have a higher rental price.

Customer's special request

If you have special requests, like needing a curved LED screen or wanting customization to a specific event concept, the rental price may increase. This depends on the level of customization and complexity of the request.

Event location and transportation costs

Where the event is held is also an important factor. Events in inner cities of big cities often have lower rental prices due to easy transportation facilities. But if your event is far away, you will have to pay higher shipping and installation costs. This can increase the total cost of LED screen rental.

Remember that all of these factors interact to determine the final rental price, and an understanding of them will help you effectively budget your event

Quote for transparent LED screen rental

Transparent LED is increasingly becoming a smart and popular display solution in the market. Quoting transparent LED screens is an important issue and receives the most attention. The price of transparent LED screens is usually calculated by area (m2), however, there is no specific price standard. This price varies depending on the quality, viewing distance, and resolution of each screen type.




Product quality also plays an important role in determining quotes. There are many LED screen suppliers on the market with different prices and quality. Luxmage is proud to bring top quality transparent LED products. We have implemented many successful projects in the Vietnamese market and are committed to meeting customer needs in the best way.

If you are interested and need information about transparent LED screens, do not hesitate to contact Luxmage for advice and a quick quote. We are ready to support and accompany you in all your projects and needs.

Where to rent a cheap and reputable LED screen?

Is the leading transparent LED screen developer in Vietnam. Luxmage is constantly striving, developing and innovating, and has gone through a long and interesting journey, witnessing the continuous changes and improvements of this product. Over those years, Luxmage has accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge and experience, which is a valuable asset to serve businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout Vietnam.


Up to now, we have carried out many fixed installation and transparent LED screen rental projects of various scales, from small events, exhibitions, advertising, to large stages. , serving many customer units. In the list of partners, we are proud to have the opportunity to cooperate with big brands such as Trung Nguyen Coffee, AnphaKing, Gamuda Sales Gallery, Vincom, Mumuso,... and many other reputable partners.


Luxmage is committed to meeting all customer needs in a dedicated and professional manner. With intelligent technical, aesthetic and economic choices, we will help you find the perfect solution for your event. We cooperate with leading reputable brands to ensure that the product you receive meets all requirements and is error-free. Our professional team will deliver and install LED screens quickly and promptly.


Submit your request today for quick consultation and assurance that your event will be held successfully.


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