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Transparent LED screens and how to choose the right product

Want to install a transparent LED screen but don't know how to choose? What types of products are available? Which type is most suitable for your needs? Today, we have specially organized the types, installation methods, features and applications of transparent LED screens to help you understand the details of transparent LED screens and save you time and make quick decisions!


Luxmage transparent LED display is divided into three main types: transparent LED display, glass LED display and film LED display


1. Glass LED display

The glass LED display uses self-developed Drive-IN LED light-emitting diode technology (embedded driver IC). This design retains the light transmission characteristics of glass while displaying video, images, text and other documents in a sharp manner.


Photoelectric glass is an emerging product in the market, characterized by the elimination of the industrial feel of traditional displays, a strong sense of technology and high transparency (more than 92%).

Transparent LED screens and how to choose the right product


2. Transparent LED display

Transparent led display series mainly use LED lamp beads SMD technology, lamp beads attached to the PCB circuit board, you can directly touch the lamp beads. The main advantages are high brightness, available during the day; high permeability, light weight, easy to install!


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2.1. LKV Series - Frameless transparent LED display

(1) Installation method: Suspended, stand-up type

(2) Features: small volume, high brightness, frameless design, multiple cabinet sizes available

(3) Scope of application: brand stores, shopping malls, displays, retail stores


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Transparent LED screens and how to choose the right product


2.2. NS series - high-end brand store applications chain automatic doors

(1) installation method: assembly method (easy and fast installation)

(2) features: ultra-thin, lightweight, frameless design, can replace automatic doors

(3) Scope of application: mobile doors, brand stores, store partitions, shopping malls, displays, retail stores


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Transparent LED screens and how to choose the right product


2.3. LCT series-rental, fast installation

(1) Installation method: hanging type, standing foot type

(2) Features: simple and reliable lock design for quick installation and removal to suit the nature of the event

(3) Scope of application: shopping malls, event rentals, exhibitions, stages, celebrations, cultural entertainment, sports and fitness.


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Transparent LED screens and how to choose the right product


2.4. LP Series - Poster Transparent LED Display

The product has won the IF International Award, which is known as the world's industrial design "Oscar".

(1) Installation method: vertical, hanging type

(2) Features: simple content creation, intelligent interaction, centralized control, high definition and high brightness, energy saving and low power consumption, easy maintenance

(3) Scope of application: brand stores, chain stores, retail stores, displays.


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2.5. LTK Series - Transparent LED display for glass wall

(1)Installation method: vertical or hanging installation

(2) Features: high definition, high brightness, easy installation and maintenance, integrated power supply, module integration

(3) Scope of application: building curtain wall, shopping malls, airports, 4S auto stores, banks, hotels


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3.Thin film LED screen

Adopting self-developed LED Drive-IN lamp bead technology, with polycarbonate as the substrate and highly transparent PET film attached to the surface, it greatly improves the flexibility of applying to glass walls and can be cut into the required size. Adaptable to many different shapes.

(1) Installation: Installed close to the glass wall (no need to change the building structure), installed in the interior.

(2) Features: meet the unique needs of different curved and shaped building facades, thin and transparent, can be bent at will, intelligent and precise control, more delicate and realistic colors

(3) Scope of application: applicable to curtain wall lighting glass and advertising display, commercial space, sightseeing elevator, shopping mall handrail, retail window, airport and railway station highway and other fields


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Transparent LED screens and how to choose the right product


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