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Flexible LED Screen - Innovation in Advertising by SACOMBANK

Project information


Screen type: Transparent flexible LED screen

Screen size: 8.1m²

Pixel Pitch: P1.5

Implementation time: 2023

Project location: Sacombank Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Head Office - City. HCM


In today's digital age, using modern technology to advertise and convey messages has become more important than ever. Sacombank , one of the major banks in Vietnam, has promoted innovation in this field by using flexible transparent LED screens.


Luxmage is honored to continue accompanying Sacombank


The transparent flexible LED screen is not only a regular advertising tool, but also a symbol of modernity and creativity. Integrated into Sacombank branches, transparent LED screens have changed the way this bank communicates with customers and the community.

Having cooperated in many previous projects, Luxmage - the transparent LED screen installation unit is very honored to continue accompanying Sacombank in this project.



With flexible LED screens , Sacombank not only makes their messages clearer and more impressive but also creates an enjoyable experience for customers. Capable of displaying images, videos and diverse content, banks have leveraged the power of this technology to promote their messages.


Sacombank customers can not only see information about the bank's products and services but also have the opportunity to participate in a financial learning experience through instructional videos and visual educational materials .


P1.5 GOB 4K flexible led screen

In the display and advertising industry, LED screens have become one of the important and indispensable tools. In particular, the P1.5 GOB 4K Flexible LED Screen is attracting the attention of many technical experts and consumers. With many outstanding features, this screen is not only an information display device but also a work of art.



  • Moisture and Waterproof: The P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED display is designed to be moisture-proof and waterproof, helping to protect the screen from adverse weather factors. This is especially important when using LED screens outdoors or in high humidity environments.
  • Dustproof: With its dustproof feature, the LED screen keeps the image clear and bright without being obscured by dirt. This ensures that the content displayed is always truly impressive and professional.
  • Impact Resistance: The impact resistance of the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED screen is an important advantage, especially when used during live events or in areas with a high risk of impact.
  • Anti-UV: The color of the LED display is protected from the effects of ultraviolet rays, ensuring that it does not fade and retains good display quality over time.
  • Image quality is clear


 Màn Hình LED Mềm Dẻo

The P1.5 flexible LED display with GOB 4K technology is not only powerful in function but also impressive in appearance. The ultimate 4K picture quality ensures that content presented on screen is truly realistic and vivid. This is important in attracting attention and making a good impression on customers and visitors.

In addition, the GOB technology P1.5 flexible LED screen is also eye-friendly. Energy-efficient LED backlighting reduces eye fatigue, while natural color display quality ensures that on-screen content is not uncomfortable for viewers.


Diverse applications

màn hình led mềm dẻo

The P1.5 flexible LED display can be used in a variety of applications. It is suitable for showrooms, product showrooms, live events, conferences, shopping centers, outdoor advertising and many other fields. The bendability of flexible LED displays allows for innovative and customized designs according to the needs of each specific application.


With all its outstanding features and variety of applications, the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED display is a powerful and exciting interactive display solution that also helps create impressions and memories. High score in the eyes of customers and visitors. Don't let any of your events or exhibitions become bland - be more creative and impressive with the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED display!

Service for installing LED screens at Luxmage

Thanks to its superior contrast and quick and easy installation, flexible and transparent LED screens are commonly applied to many different types of projects. With many years of experience providing transparent LED screen products nationwide, Luxmage is committed to bringing customers the best LED screen products on the market:



  • Genuine Product Quality: We are dedicated to providing quality LED screens, completely genuine, with clear origin.
  • Long-Term Warranty: To bring peace of mind to customers, we support product warranties of up to 24 months, ensuring that you will always be protected and supported during use.
  • Dedicated Support: Our staff, with professionalism and passion, is always ready to fix any problem quickly and effectively.
  • Customer Care: We always put customers first and are committed to providing a rich after-sales program to ensure that you will receive the best care and support after purchasing our products.


Contact the Luxmage team and we will quickly answer and advise you on a suitable transparent LED screen installation solution for your project.


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