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Screen Soft LED Shape Flexible

Screen Soft LED Shape Flexible

Screen soft LED shape flexible P1.5 clear home To be one prize France export sharp give the response use screen bright LED image create . With count sacred active poison unique , it Have possible power prefer response with real period surface face curved any and Okay page bag from count strong in the face after belong to module , help easy easy install put and history use .

Application Use Multi Form

Module screen soft LED shape plasticity P1.5 is choose select physical thought give much type response use Are not often through , cover includes :
Sentence Lost Set and Yard Khau : Create signal response light bright press statue and create Are not time bright create in the sentence lost set and yard stage expression acting .
Studio: History use to create background light bright Pretty in the filming session _ and chapter submit transmit image live next .
Super Thi and Central Heart Buy Shopping : Attracting the attention of _ guest row and advertising fox product Products one way signal fruit .
Yard Fortune Dynamic and Session Draw Music : Create Are not time animal taste give the the to sue can sports and session expression to act minus music .
Labour Vienna Prize Tri and Area Abyss Contemplate Scene : Create go out the spread experience animal taste for visitors _ and guest greed official .
Land Snail and Airport : History use to advertising fox and submit present information about _ attend judgment and the pandemic service .

Calculate Sacred Hoat Poison Dao

Module screen soft LED shape flexible This Okay set next with silicone shell _ fit with soft PCB . Thing This create go out count sacred active poison thoughtful , giving permission Friend curling curved , rolled round and turn module to edema fit with soft bridge tool can belong to you . Thing This open go out much possible power bright create in set next light bright , dense special To be When Friend want create go out LED video wall round press statue .

High Reliability 

Job history use labour Special SMT technology special in product export brave tell that Are not Have Which LED light ? bag fall out module , hold give generation system active dynamic one way trustworthy . _ _ Thing This To be mandarin important dense special When history use in the response use Love bridge the fine determined and trust . 


Super Thin and Light

Ask for a favor enter object Whether dense special and labour turmeric fairy progress , module screen soft LED shape P1.5 is very flexible super thin and light . Trong quantity belong to each module only about 0.3Kg, cashew This help easy easy in job luck move , install put and tell manage .

Install Rap Easy Easy

Module Okay page bag male needle strong , help easy easy install put and remove remove . Thing This very property useful When Friend need replace change taste mind or tell nourishment module .


Important note

To brave tell count system best in generation LED system of you , them I advise Friend should buy socks chief the module from together one lot . Job This help brave tell that socks chief they even Have together arrange RGB class , color color , frame image and degree morning . The other special between the lot other LED modules together Have can cause go out the Are not copper best in show market , and they Are not can active dynamic together with each other .
If Friend Have soft bridge fish core chemistry or need prize France generation system Screen LED shape depends correct , happy heart contact generation with team sleep core pellets terrible joint belong to Luxmage . They I will support support Friend in job select choose and dark pros chemistry generation system Screen LED image for soft bridge tool can belong to you .

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