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8 important words in the specifications of transparent leds that anyone needs to know (P2)

Last time, LUXMAGE revealed 4 important parameters of the led screen. In this next section, we will find out the remaining important parameters that anyone should understand if interested in transparent led screen technology.

Brightness - Brightness
"Brightness" - "brightness" is another important word for a transparent led screen. Transparent led brightness can be affected by many factors. If the wrong brightness is selected, the content will not be visible, seemingly just a black screen under sunlight.

Some notes in choosing the brightness for LED, for windows with direct sunlight, the LED brightness should not be less than 6000 nits. Indoor locations, without too much light, are suitable for between 2000 and 3000 nits. Choosing the right LED screen with the right brightness will help you save money, energy and attract the eyes.

In other words, the selected screen brightness depends on the environment of the lights, screen play time, ...

Cabinet Size - Cabinet Dimension
The large transparent led screen is made up of many different cabinets. The cabinet design makes the screen easy to pack, transport and install.

The structure with transparent led module brings advantages in many aspects, easy to install, easy to replace and repair, ...

Each cabinet is composed of several "modules". The modular construction makes the screen easy to replace after a few years of use if damage occurs. In other words, users do not need to replace the entire led screen if only some of the bulbs are damaged. With this design, components are guaranteed to be readily available and do not incur much repair costs.

 Valid Display Dimension - Actual display size
In the structure of a transparent led screen that has an aluminum frame on both sides, this means that the display size of the led screen will be smaller than the standard size of the cabinnet. Parameter "Valid Display Dimension" helps to accurately display led display size information to help calculate and design LED projection videos more accurately.

Refresh Rate - Refresh rate
The parameter "Refresh Rate" is quite more complicated than the rest. Simply put, this represents the number of frames that can be displayed per second, in Hz. For example, the parameter “Refresh Rate” is “360 Hz” which means that the transparent led screen can display 360 images per second. In addition, the naked eye will feel flicker when the parameter is below "360 Hz".

For transparent led products at LUXMAGE, “Refresh Rate” index ranges from 1920Hz to 5770Hz according to different requirements. This means that images are displayed faster, eliminating flickering while taking pictures, completely satisfying the need for high quality, beautiful pictures.

With these knowledge, you can comfortably read and understand the important parameters of the led screen, especially "transparent led", to make the right choices, as well as learn more about this new product line. .

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