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Architectural communication media

Architectural communication media

What is Architectural Communication Media?

Media is an intermediary means of disseminating information in the form of newspapers, radio, television, or other means. With the development of communication technology, information can be communicated in different ways and at different scales.

Architectural communication media refers to built structures that incorporate media to facilitate communication with the public. This is an emerging field and grows with the advancement of technology.

Architectural communication media

How did architectural communication  media form?

High-rise buildings are important symbols of urban modernization, the progress of urban modernization has promoted the continuous construction of urban areas and super-high-rise buildings. The combination of LED technology, lasers, projectors, and other technical means turns the entire building into an electro-optical television and radio wave, constituting "architectural communication media" technology.

Architectural communication  media is a large stage for communication and interaction between architecture and society, architecture and people, is an important expression of smart city construction.

This is a complex design challenge, requiring expertise in architectural design, urban design, interaction design, lighting design, user experience, and community engagement.

Architectural communication media

Over the past ten years, the art of lighting in architectural communication media has evolved continuously, which is a continuation of today's architecture in the postmodern popular art scene, and is the result of The rapid development of LED lighting art, depends on the advancement of digital media and LED technology.

The importance of symbolic information goes beyond the entity itself, and the development and operation of the art of media facades were born.

Architectural communication media is a combination of technology

Architectural media concept includes the use of screens, light sources, movable elements, and other technologies applied in construction and reasonably combined to create expected effect for the audience. They form an integrated part of urban buildings and spaces.

Architectural means act as a barrier to remove barriers, connecting people to people, people to environment, and environment to environment. With information sharing happening in real-time, anywhere, impacts can affect how architecture is designed.

Architectural communication media

Architectural communication media as an interesting complex

Architectural communication media is at the intersection of physical and digital spaces, needs understanding beyond traditional architecture, it presents valuable challenges and opportunities. This intersection is growing and producing some incredible masterpieces.

Architectural media allows us to interact with architecture. In particular, appropriate architectural communication media is performed in the city square, allowing pedestrians and residents to enjoy interesting designs.

With the great development in architecture, the buildings are designed very nicely with all different shapes, the introduction of transparent LED film screen pasted as a fitting measure for architectural works. Because the transparent LED film screen is thin, light, bend at will, and easily installed on any architectural surface.

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