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Flexible Leds Screen ( Màn Hình Led mềm Dẻo)

Flexible LED screen is a special type of LED screen, capable of changing shape at will. The highlight of flexible LED is that the LED panels are made from soft and flexible materials that can be bent, rolled, rotated, or paired together to create unique and bright LED screen shapes. create. Flexible LED screens are not limited by size, shape, or angle like indoor fixed LED screens or indoor led display screen. Flexible LED screens can be suitable for many different spaces and uses.


As a leading LED screen installer, Luxmage flexible LED screens feature high protection capabilities such as high water and dust resistance, high standard image performance such as high brightness and high contrast as well as Unique versatility, can create various creative LED displays! Join us to learn more in this article!

What is a flexible LED screen?

Flexible LED screen is a type of LED screen that can change shape at will. Its LED panels are made from soft and flexible materials that can be bent, rolled, rotated, or joined together to create unique and creative LED screen shapes. Flexible LED screens are not limited by size, shape, or angle like fixed LED screens or led screen rental.

Flexible LED displays have many applications in advertising, education and many other fields. It can be installed in more special applications, such as cylindrical screens, wave-shaped LED screens, spiral LED screens, and many other shapes, bringing impressive and bright visual effects. create.

Advantages of flexible LED screens



Luxmage is a reputable and professional LED screen manufacturer. We provide high quality flexible LED screens, with many superior features, such as:

High flexibility

By using GOB technology combined with silicone housing and soft PCB, you can design different shapes, effects, types and radians as you want and create any shape of LED video wall as you like. want. Compared with traditional LED displays, flexible LED can be bent flexibly, and the size and form can be freely adjusted to meet the application of various single shape designs. You can use our flexible LED module to create creative LED displays in many shapes, such as cylindrical LED displays, curved LED displays, wavy LED displays, spiral LED displays, and many other shapes.

Super thin and super light

The thickness of the flexible LED module is only 8.6mm. The thickness of the flexible LED screen is only about 10 mm and the ultra-thin design takes up less space. Soft and light properties reduce the bearing capacity of the LED screen. It is more convenient for installation and transportation. Luxmage flexible screen uses strong magnetic magnets, so the flexible LED screen can be fixed on the front. It is very simple and convenient to install and operate.

Customize shape

Luxmage flexible LED screen can be customized to any shape according to customer needs, such as: cylindrical LED screen, curved LED screen, wavy LED screen, etc.

Wide applicantion

Flexible LED screens can be used in many different fields and applications, such as shopping malls, showrooms, bars, dance halls, stages, indoor buildings, outdoor buildings, exhibitions, etc. exhibition,... Especially for buildings with many different shapes. Flexible LED screens can create impressive and creative visual effects, attract attention and increase brand value for customers.

What shapes do flexible LEDs come in?

Flexible LED soft module is a new type of LED display technology, which is highly flexible and deformable, you can use it to obtain displays of the following shapes.

Curved LED screen



Curved LED screens can be designed into any arc shape to form a curved screen. In exhibitions or advertising, screens made of curved LED flexible modules look more eye-catching than traditional LED LCD screens, and can meet many different needs of customers.

Cylindrical LED screen

Cylindrical LED screens are both highly practical and extremely creative. Its special production way can greatly impress people and allows images to be viewed from multiple perspectives, making the design more vivid and beautiful. It is more popular in places such as hotels, conference rooms, bars and other locations.


Spherical LED screen

The spherical LED screen is a unique display product, suitable for promoting products and services, and in business activities. Depending on the size and shape, spherical LED displays can enhance brand recognition and value.

Wavy LED screen



Wave LED screen is a special type of LED screen, capable of displaying images with unique effects. In addition, it can also be combined with design elements of landscapes and public buildings, making buildings and works of art more lively and creative.

LED screens have other special shapes

Flexible LED soft modules can also be made into displays of any irregular shape, such as pentagon, rhombus, trapezoid, etc. Luxmage has extensive experience in manufacturing displays Creative LED shape.

Applications of flexible LED screens?

When we go shopping, do we often see so many beautiful display decorations of various shapes? When you go to a shopping mall, do you often see a lot of cylindrical display screens? How often do you see a lot of spherical, fan-shaped, or other curved displays when you go to entertainment venues? In fact, the majority of these displays are applications of flexible LED displays.


Places with a large number of people passing by, such as shopping malls. Flexible LED screens with shapes such as cylinder, sphere, etc. can attract customers' attention, by displaying diverse content and vibrant colors. In addition, flexible LED screens can also be used for advertising, announcing promotions, and increasing sales.


Entertainment venue

Where it is necessary to create a harmonious sound, light and shadow space such as bars, events, music shows, etc. For example, round and oval flexible LED screens can make The space becomes more modern and vibrant.


Where products, services, or art need to be displayed. Flexible LED screens can be used as decorative columns, or create special shapes to display various video content. Flexible LED screens can add creativity and personality to the exhibition space, and create a strong visual impression.

Science museum

In science and technology museums, flexible LED panels can be used to present a variety of information, circular and fan-shaped LED displays are also very popular. Flexible LED panels can simulate very specific scenarios such as historical events, natural disasters, astronomical phenomena, etc., providing audiences with unique, engaging displays that stimulate enthusiasm and their curiosity towards technology.

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Factors affecting the price of flexible LED screens

Flexible LED display is a relatively new LED display technology, its advantages such as flexibility, flexibility and high brightness have attracted the attention of many customers. However, the price of flexible LED screens varies greatly due to the influence of production costs and other factors. Let's analyze the factors that affect the price of flexible LED screens?


Quality of the module

Choosing high-quality flexible LED modules is the key to ensuring display performance and service life. Similarly, the cost of good quality flexible LED modules is relatively high, so the price will not be very low.

Hardware device

Flexible LED displays must be constructed from high-quality components, including LED beads, light panels, drivers, controllers, etc. These components need to be fine-tuned and matched to each other to ensure effective performance. overall capacity of the device. Therefore, the price of these components will also affect the price of flexible LED screens.

Shipping packaging

Shipping and packaging flexible LED displays is time-consuming and costly, so these costs will also affect the price of the entire flexible LED display. Luxmage offers a variety of packaging methods.

LED display material

The material used for flexible LED displays will also affect the price. Commonly used flexible LED display materials include polyurethane, polyester, PEN and other materials, and the choice of different materials will affect the price and quality of the product.

Reputable LED screen installation unit

Flexible LED screen is a special type of LED screen, capable of changing shape at will. It has many advantages such as flexibility, flexibility and high brightness, attracting a lot of customer attention. Flexible LED screens can be used in many different types of projects, such as shopping malls, entertainment venues, exhibition halls, science museums, etc.

Luxmage is a reputable and professional LED screen manufacturer and supplier nationwide. We are committed to providing customers with high quality LED screen products, with the following advantages:


  • Genuine product quality : We only use high quality components and materials with clear origins. We thoroughly inspect each product before shipping, to ensure that you will receive a perfect flexible LED screen, without defects or damage.
  • Long-term warranty : We support product warranty of up to 24 months, including hardware and software warranty. We also provide regular maintenance services, to ensure that your flexible LED screen always works well and lasts.
  • Dedicated support : We have a team of professional and passionate staff, always ready to support you in every stage of the project, from consulting, design, installation, operation, to warranty and maintenance. maintain. We always listen and understand your needs, and provide you with the most optimal solutions, suitable to your budget and goals.
  • Customer care : We always put customers first and are committed to providing a rich after-sales program, including promotions, gifts, and other support services. We always care and support you after purchasing our products, and look forward to building a long-term and sustainable relationship with you.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable LED screen supplier, contact Luxmage today. We will quickly answer and advise you on the appropriate LED screen installation solution for your project.

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