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These types of LED screens are now playing an important role in our daily lives. From outdoor advertising displays to home television, they are diverse in applications and features. This article will introduce popular types of LED screens such as outdoor, indoor, mesh, shape-changing, interactive LED screens, etc. These types of screens bring diversity and creativity. for the use of LED screen technology in many different fields. Join Luxmage to learn about current types of LED screens!


Classified by installation location

LED screens can be classified based on installation location as follows:

Led screen at home

An indoor LED screen is a display device using LED technology, specifically designed for use in indoor environments. Below are detailed information about this type of screen:


Characteristics of indoor LED screens


  • Excellent Image Quality: Indoor LED screens typically provide sharp images with high brightness and contrast. This makes them suitable for displaying high-definition video and image content.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Indoor LED displays often have adjustable brightness, allowing the level to be customized to suit the specific environment. This is important when you need to display content in bright or low light environments.
  • Easy to Replace Modules: They are often designed with small LED modules, making them easy to replace if repairs or upgrades are needed. This helps reduce maintenance time and costs.
  • Energy Saving: Indoor LED screens usually consume less power than other types of screens. This helps reduce operating costs and is good for the environment

Applications of indoor LED screens



  • Indoor Advertising: Indoor LED screens are often used to display product and service advertisements in stores, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants.
  • Home Television: Many LED TV screens in the home integrate smart features and network connectivity, allowing users to watch television, movies, and play games.
  • Conferences and Exhibitions: Indoor LED screens are used to display information, images and videos at conferences, exhibitions, and corporate events. They are often interactive to attract the attention of attendees.
  • Education: In the field of education, indoor LED screens are used in schools and universities to display teaching content, interactive lectures and learning information.
  • Live Performance: In the performing arts industry, indoor LED screens are used to create video backdrops and display multimedia content during live events, such as concerts and exhibitions. art exhibition.

Indoor LED displays offer many benefits, including excellent image quality, variety of applications, energy savings and installation flexibility, making it an important tool in everyday life. everyday and businesses.

Outdoor LED screen

Outdoor LED displays have a number of unique characteristics and have many applications mainly in outdoor environments. Below are some general characteristics and common applications of outdoor LED screens:


Characteristics of outdoor LED screen:


  • Waterproof and weatherproof: Outdoor LED displays are designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to weather elements such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
  • High brightness: Outdoor LED screens must have high brightness to display clear images under sunlight.
  • Ability to adjust brightness: Outdoor LED screens often have the ability to adjust brightness to adapt to the surrounding light environment.
  • High image quality: Outdoor LED screens often have high resolution and the ability to display sharp colors.
  • Durable and long-lasting: They are capable of continuous operation in harsh environments and have a long lifespan.


Applications of outdoor LED screens:


  • Outdoor advertising: Outdoor LED screens are often used to display advertisements and brand messages on buildings, billboards, bus stops, and any place where people want to attract attention. intention of passersby.
  • Outdoor events: Outdoor events such as fairs, exhibitions, performances, and sporting events often use LED screens to display information, live video, and entertainment content.
  • Sports and stadiums: Outdoor LED screens are used in stadiums and golf courses to display scores, replay videos, and match-related information.
  • Public and educational: Train stations, airports, shopping malls, and other public places also use outdoor LED screens to provide information and instructions to customers and visitors.
  • Community events: Outdoor LED screens are often used in community events, such as outdoor concerts and outdoor movies.

Outdoor LED displays are an important tool for conveying messages and content in outdoor environments and require durability and high performance to cope with harsh weather conditions.

Classify led screens according to structure

LED screens can be classified based on their structure and design. Here are some major classifications based on texture:

Flexible LED screen

LED screens have become an important and indispensable tool in the display and advertising industry. Among them, the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED screen is attracting the attention of both technical experts and consumers. With a series of outstanding features, this screen is not only an information display device but also an admirable work of art.



Exceptional Features


  • Moisture and Waterproof: The P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED display is designed to be moisture-proof and waterproof, protecting against the effects of harsh weather. This is important when used outdoors or in humid environments.
  • Dustproof: Dustproof feature helps maintain image clarity and brightness without being affected by dirt, helping to ensure optimal display performance.
  • Impact Resistance: Impact resistance is an important strength of the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED screen, helping to ensure safety when used in live events or in locations at risk of impact. .
  • Anti-UV: Flexible LED screen protects image brightness from the effects of ultraviolet rays, maintaining good display quality over time.

Clear Image Quality



The P1.5 flexible LED screen with GOB 4K technology is not only powerful in features but also beautiful in appearance. Peak 4K image quality ensures the realism and vividness of displayed content. This is important to attract attention and create a positive impression on customers and visitors.

In addition, the P1.5 flexible LED screen with GOB technology is also eye-friendly. Energy-efficient LED backlighting reduces eye fatigue, while natural color display quality ensures that on-screen content is not uncomfortable for viewers.


Diverse Applications


The P1.5 flexible LED display can be used in a variety of applications. It is suitable for showrooms, product showrooms, live events, conferences, shopping centers, outdoor advertising and many other fields. The bendability of flexible LED displays allows for innovative and customized designs according to the needs of each specific application.

With all its outstanding features and variety of applications, the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED display is a powerful and exciting interactive display solution that also helps create impressions and memories. High score in the eyes of customers and visitors. Don't let any of your events or exhibitions become bland - be more creative and impressive with the P1.5 GOB 4K flexible LED display!

Transparent LED screen

Transparent LED screens, also known as transparent LED screens, represent an innovation in the field of LED screens. It has a transparent glass-like appearance, allowing viewing from both sides, even when the screen is active. Suitable for installation in a variety of locations, including retail stores, shopping malls, administrative headquarters, public buildings, LED stages, and hospital and transportation signage. They can serve as welcome screens, outdoor advertising screens, and many other applications.

Transparent LED screens are called "transparent" because they display light without the black background like regular LED screens. This creates a luxurious and unique feeling, helping brands and businesses stand out more in the eyes of customers.

Features of LUXMAGE Transparent LED Screen:

  • High Transparency: LUXMAGE transparent LED screens are 70% to 90% transparent, allowing light and air to pass through without losing visibility. Even in unconventional architectures, they can be installed through custom modules.
  • Light Weight: With a weight of only 12kg/m², the transparent LED screen is light and easy to transport.
  • Energy Saving: Transparent LED display saves energy by using a black background when not displaying content, reducing energy consumption by up to 30% compared to multi-color displays.
  • Customization and Brightness Adjustment: The screen has the ability to automatically and manually adjust brightness, helping to adapt to lighting conditions and protect viewers' eyes.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: LUXMAGE transparent LED screen has a simple design, making installation and maintenance easy. When something goes wrong, you only need to replace a single LED strip, reducing maintenance costs and increasing lifespan.

Transparent LED displays are a perfect combination of technology and design, creating a unique and effective display tool, suitable for a variety of industries and environments.

Invisible LED screen

Holographic LED screen is a significant breakthrough in display technology. This product uses high-quality materials, is ultra-thin, highly transparent and has high temperature resistance. The light transmission panel is perfectly designed, helping to achieve transparency up to 80-90%. A special feature is that the installation process does not require a structural frame and the screen body can be flexibly coupled, helping to create a screen with a height and width of up to 2.4-3 meters.



Characteristics of 3D invisible LED display:


  • No structural frame, light and transparent: 3D invisible LED screen does not need a load-bearing structure, ensuring a stable and completely transparent display. With a thickness of less than 2mm and a weight of only about 6kg/m², this product is bendable, trimmable and flexible, perfect in combination with transparent glass.
  • Automatic control IC, high quality, bright and sharp: The product uses exclusive patented IC helping to create images with sensory transmission exceeding 80% and pixel count 4-5 times higher compared to other products of the same size. This helps display a 3D invisible LED screen that is bright, sharp, and free of meshing.
  • Sophisticated design, captivating virtual experience: With a delicate and transparent structural design, the product allows the landscape in front and behind the screen to be integrated, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect when displayed. . The 3D invisible LED display supports both regular video and ultimate 3D display.
  • Simple installation, easy maintenance: Customers can customize the size and connection of modules easily. The screen has the ability to control each individual pixel, making repairs convenient.

The LV series 3D invisible LED display beats traditional products with its thinness and lightness, excellent display quality, and unique virtual experience. This product is widely used in commerce, exhibitions, entertainment tourism, and many other fields.

Mesh LED screen



Mesh LED screen is one of the most popular products in outdoor display, widely applied on the surface of buildings, glass walls and iconic buildings of the city. This product stands out with many notable advantages, including light weight, high permeability and strong wind resistance. Let's explore the uniqueness of mesh LED screens :


  • Light weight and hollow design: The mesh LED screen is designed with a unique hollow structure, helping to reduce cabinet weight to 1/3 compared to traditional outdoor LED screens. This makes it convenient to transport and install the screen in high locations such as buildings and high floors.
  • Transparent design: With a breathability rate of 20% to 50%, the mesh LED screen does not affect the ventilation and lighting behind it. This helps reduce the effective wind load and overall weight of the LED screen structure.
  • Premium Protection: The mesh LED screen is protected by a sturdy structure, including a brushed aluminum cover, imported silicon secondary bulb, and light bar cover on the front. This creates a completely sealed structure, achieving IP67 protection level, suitable for riverside and marine construction displays.
  • Efficient heat dissipation: Mesh LED displays require no auxiliary cooling equipment, produce no noise, and consume low power. Each LED light bar is made of environmentally friendly materials and has a transparent structure, making it easy to dissipate heat.

With these impressive features, mesh LED screens from Luxmage are the ideal choice to turn your display ideas into reality outdoors.

LED film screen

Luxmage's LF series transparent film LED display is an excellent representation of modern display technology. This product uses polycarbonate as the substrate and highly transparent PET film on the surface, creating considerable flexibility in displaying transparent film LED screens. In particular, the LF series has the ability to bend freely and is intelligently controlled through research and improvement of software and hardware.



Diverse applications of LED film


The LF series transparent film LED display marks a major step forward in display technology, especially in terms of longevity and maintenance. This product has a variety of applications, including:

  • Large glass surfaces/walls: This LED film screen can be applied to large glass surfaces, such as municipal buildings, large shopping malls, and many other facilities.
  • Glass display: Roadside stores, 4S car stores, supermarkets and other commercial establishments can use LED film screens for product display and advertising.
  • Glass railings: LED film screens can be pasted on glass railings, creating interesting effects and attracting the attention of passersby.
  • Telecommunications finance: Airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations and other traffic spots can use LED film screens to provide information and advertising.
  • Indoor use: LF series LED film screens can also be used in indoor spaces, adding a unique touch to any environment.

Luxmage's LF series transparent film LED display offers lightness and high transparency, while also providing clear display effects. With all these advantages, this product has great prospects in the future display and advertising market. If you are looking for a groundbreaking display solution, contact us at Luxmage for more details and how this product can highlight your project.

Reputable LED screen installation unit


Luxmage is a unit specializing in providing LED screen for rent with many years of experience in the industry. They stand out for their commitment to quality, innovative design and outstanding customer service. Luxmage provides LED displays for a variety of applications, including outdoor advertising, live events, conferences and more.



Luxmage services:


  • Professional installation: Luxmage has a team of professional technicians with experience in installing LED screens. They ensure that your screen is installed safely, correctly and functions optimally.
  • After-sales service: Luxmage not only provides LED screen installation service but also after-sales with excellent after-sales service. They are always available to support and maintain your LED screen to ensure that it operates stably.
  • Custom design: Luxmage works with you to create the perfect LED display solution for your specific needs. From size and resolution to shape and color, they make custom designs to ensure that you have the most unique and suitable LED display.

Why choose Luxmage:


  • Prestige and long experience in the industry.
  • Custom solutions for every need.
  • Professional and safe installation service.
  • Excellent after-sales service.

If you are looking for a quality and reputable LED screen installation unit, Luxmage is a choice worth considering. With a commitment to product and service excellence, they will help you turn your ideas into reality with unique and impressive LED displays. Contact Luxmage today for more details about their products and services.


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