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Are you searching for a unique, impressive, and effective display and advertising solution for showrooms, shopping centers, airports, train stations, stadiums, or any architectural project? Do you want to transform glass balustrades into a revenue-generating tool, not just a protective barrier? Are you looking for a display device with high transparency, energy efficiency, easy installation, and maintenance? If the answer is yes, then the LED balustrade screen (transparent LED screen) is the product for you.




Over the years of development, transparent LED screen technology using invisible LED glass has become a leading trend in the entertainment and projection industry. With excellent color reproduction and high resolution capabilities, LED balustrade screens are not only the top choice for home entertainment systems but also widely applied in large events, advertising, and even architectural projects.

What is a LED balustrade screen?


A LED balustrade screen is a type of transparent LED glass screen specially designed for balustrades and protective fences. The LED balustrade screen uses high-density industrial toughened glass as the basic material, suitable for patented integrated circuit technology and its Nano film application. These technologies combined create a glass LED screen with extremely high transparency and energy efficiency.


Invisible LED glass


The invisible LED glass screen can directly replace or be installed behind the balustrade glass without affecting the original structure. It can display images, videos, text, logos, slogans, or any desired content. The LED balustrade screen can be remotely controlled and managed, allowing for flexible and quick changes in advertising content.

What are the advantages of the LED balustrade screen?

The LED balustrade screen offers several outstanding advantages compared to traditional LED screens, such as:


High safety: Glass is a durable construction material with fire resistance, waterproofing, and excellent heat dissipation. The LED balustrade screen is designed rigorously, selecting materials, manufacturing, and testing to ensure excellent product quality. The screen also has a waterproof protective layer, preventing internal fragmentation and ensuring safety for everyone.


• High transparency: The LED balustrade screen has up to 92% transparency, almost invisible when viewed from 4 meters. This feature prevents blocking light, maintains visibility, and does not affect the aesthetics of the structure. The screen can also create 3D, 4D, holographic effects, adding attraction and uniqueness to the displayed content.


• Frameless structure, lightweight, and transparent: The fully transparent LED screen does not require a load-bearing structure, ensuring stable display. Additionally, the screen is not divided into grid cells, providing complete transparency. With a thickness of less than 2mm and a weight of about 6kg per square meter, it is flexible, creative, and perfectly complements transparent glass.




• Simple installation, easy maintenance: Customers can choose the number of screens according to their needs, connect DIY modules, and install the control unit at the corner of the screen, making installation easy. Moreover, the screen can control each pixel individually, so if one LED fails, it does not affect others. Therefore, repairs are convenient, requiring only the replacement of the faulty LED.


• Energy-saving: Both LED and glass are energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. The LED balustrade screen can maximize light pollution reduction and reduce energy consumption compared to traditional LED screens.


• Versatile applications: The modular design of the LED balustrade screen allows customization of size, shape, and color to fit any structure. It can be applied to shopping centers, airports, train stations, stadiums, squares, or any architectural project. The screen can also integrate with other devices such as sensors, cameras, and speakers to create interactive and augmented reality experiences for viewers.


Where to find a reputable LED balustrade screen supplier?

If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality, and professional LED balustrade screen supplier, Luxmage is the best choice for you. Luxmage is a pioneer in transparent LED screens in Vietnam, with many years of experience and a reputable presence in the industry. Luxmage not only provides genuine high-tech products but also takes responsibility for providing customers with comprehensive and professional solutions, from plan design to installation and maintenance, tailored to the specific needs of each project and customer.


Luxmage is committed to offering customers high-quality LED balustrade screens, reasonable prices, long-term warranties, and attentive technical support. Luxmage constantly updates and applies the latest technologies to create breakthrough, innovative, and efficient LED balustrade screen products.

If you are interested in LED balustrade screens, contact Luxmage today for detailed advice and pricing. Luxmage is delighted to serve you.


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