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LED screens have become an important part of conveying information, advertising products and creating attraction in many projects today. Sacombank, one of the leading banks in Vietnam, has been looking for a reliable partner to install LED screens at their branches. In this article, we will learn about how Luxmage has accompanied sacombank in an impressive LED screen installation project.

The importance of LED Screens in advertising and communications



The importance of LED Screens in advertising and communications cannot be ignored in today's digital age. LED screens have become an important part of the communication strategy of many businesses and organizations for many important reasons:


  • Attract attention: LED screens often have high brightness and bright colors, helping to stand out from the crowd. This helps attract the attention of passersby and increases the visibility of advertising messages.
  • Interactivity: LED screens can be combined with touch technologies, allowing viewers to interact with content. This creates a fun and engaging experience, helping customers grasp information more easily.
  • Adaptable to multiple content formats: LED displays are capable of displaying multiple content formats, including images, videos, text, and many other types of advertising. This creates diversity and flexibility in conveying messages.
  • Easy update capability: LED screens can easily update content remotely, making it easy for businesses to adjust messages in real time. This is helpful in implementing advertising campaigns that are flexible and reflect changes in the market.
  • Integrating advanced technology: LED technology is increasingly advancing, with high resolution, energy saving, and long lifespan. This helps reduce operating and maintenance costs. LED screens have become an important part of urban architecture, creating a vibrant and modern market picture. This helps improve the image of an area and makes it interesting for residents and visitors.
  • Easy integration with social networks and online connections: LED screens have the ability to combine with social networks and other online channels to create an interactive experience and connection with the online community.

LED screens play an important role in creating powerful advertising effects and conveying messages effectively in the digital age. Businesses and organizations should consider using LED Screens as an important part of their communication and advertising strategy to take advantage of the benefits it brings.

Sacombank projects install LED screens at Luxmage

Flexible LED screen

Screen type: Transparent flexible LED screen
Screen size: 8.1m²
Pixel Pitch: P1.5
Implementation time: 2023
Project location: Sacombank Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Head Office - City. HCM



In today's digital age, using modern technology to advertise and convey messages has become more important than ever. Sacombank, one of the major banks in Vietnam, has promoted innovation in this field by using flexible transparent LED screens.


The transparent flexible LED screen is not only a regular advertising tool, but also a symbol of modernity and creativity. Integrated into Sacombank branches, transparent LED screens have changed the way this bank communicates with customers and the community. Having cooperated in many previous projects, Luxmage - the transparent LED screen installation unit is very honored to continue accompanying Sacombank in this project.


With flexible LED screens, Sacombank not only makes their messages clearer and more impressive but also creates an enjoyable experience for customers. Capable of displaying images, videos and diverse content, banks have leveraged the power of this technology to promote their messages.



Sacombank customers can not only see information about the bank's products and services but also have the opportunity to participate in a financial learning experience through instructional videos and visual educational materials .


With new technology GOB, flexible and bendable LED screen, realistic colors, effects, high quality. Not only stopping at advertising but also conveying important messages quickly and effectively. One of the indispensable applications in showrooms and showrooms: P1.5 GOB 4K interactive screen, pure technical operation, screen features: moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, dustproof , anti-ultraviolet rays . LED screens will be more durable, eye-protective, as well as realistic in color and visual appearance.

Sacombank uses it to announce interest rates, promotions and social activities that the bank participates in. This helps optimize customers' understanding of incentives and opportunities from Sacombank.


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P2.6 transparent led screen

Screen type: Curved transparent LED screen
Screen size: 1000*500
Pixel Pitch: P2.6
Implementation time: 2023
Project location: District 3 - City. HCM



Curved transparent LED screens have become an important and groundbreaking advertising tool in the digital age. Sacombank has taken advantage of the power of this technology, accompanied by partner Luxmage, to convey their message clearly and effectively. This is a clear example of how technology can change the way we look at advertising and media in the future.


The LTN Luxmage product line is a sophisticated combination of standard SMT technology and the use of high quality LEDs, ensuring brightness and color uniformity. Designed in a modular form, this product creates a flexible standard cabinet that is easy to customize and install.


Luxmage LTN is the ideal choice for permanent indoor applications, and it is well suited for widespread use in spaces such as glass windows, lobbies, sightseeing elevators, and many other applications. This product represents a pioneer in creating and modernizing spaces with LED lighting, providing a unique and impressive visual experience.


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P2.1 transparent led screen


màn hình led trong suốt ngân hàng Sacombank


Most banks today have completely glass facades. However, the main purpose of a facade is to provide a good view of the luxurious interior to viewers from the outside. Frequently, this glass facade is obscured by large printed posters and signs, losing its transparency and appeal. Luxmage has delivered transparent LED screens that are sleek, light and easy to use, ensuring that bank branches across urban Vietnam can showcase their luxurious interiors while maintaining transparency.


màn hình led trong suốt ngân hàng Sacombank


Welcoming this trend, Sacombank has installed P2.1 transparent LED screens with transparency and high resolution, bringing a luxurious feeling and better experience to customers.


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Luxmage - A reputable advertising LED screen installation unit

Luxmage has made a strong mark in the field of LED advertising screen installation with the mission of providing customers with creative and effective advertising solutions. Their professional and experienced team is committed to meeting all of their customers' needs.



Luxmage always captures the latest trends in LED Display technology. They use advanced equipment and solutions to ensure that every installation project is carried out with optimal quality. LED screens can be integrated into any space, from small stores to large stadiums. Luxmage is capable of designing and installing LED Displays based on each project's specific requirements, ensuring flexible and effective integration.

Luxmage has carried out many successful LED advertising screen installation projects for many large projects such as Vincom times city, Alpha King, Seoul made (Korea), Trung Nguyen Legend, GamudaLAND, Dol English, SCBank, Porsche, Coats Group , Pfizer Inc, Lancome, etc. Customer satisfaction and impressive results are a testament to the quality of their services.

Luxmage is not only a reputable unit in the field of installing advertising LED screens, but also a reliable partner for all message and advertising projects. With professionalism, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to effective solutions, Luxmage is shaping the way we see and interact with the world around us.

Please contact Luxmage immediately for answers and advice on installing a suitable transparent LED screen for your project.


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