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LUXMAGE focuses on LED display technology and the digital space design field, bringing higher added value to commercial spaces, advertising, and visual creativity through the most advanced display technology.

We provide creative total solutions for LED displays, including project budget consultation, production design, installation, and maintenance.

The LUXMAGE team has been working in the optics industry for over 20 years, with extensive experience in the production and design processes of LED displays. We have successfully implemented numerous projects in Vietnam, such as the first automatic door with a transparent display, the largest hanging transparent display, the first invisible railing display, and more. We always strive for excellence and provide high-quality products and professional services to our customers.

Our outstanding products include invisible LED displays, indoor and outdoor transparent displays, interactive displays, naked-eye 3D and flying cinemas.


They are widely applied in corporate showrooms, shopping centers, tourist areas, retail chains, hotels, financial institutions, airport advertisements, bars, exhibitions, events, stage design, and more.

Looking towards the future, LUXMAGE's products and technologies will bring real advantages to customers in the competitive market!

Our advantage



Proposing advanced product design and development solutions, a leading supply chain that helps customers maximize the value of every penny



Accumulating over 20 years of experience in the optics industry, with numerous advanced projects in Vietnam, contributing to the development of the technology field



Quality is our core competitive strength. We commit to providing a warranty service of over 2 years to customers, ensuring absolute peace of mind.



Providing comprehensive services from budget consultation, design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, to professional advisory, with engineers supporting throughout the entire process.

Luxmage logo design

LUX is a unit of light, while MAGE is an abbreviation for magic, blending together to form LUXMAGE - Magic Of The Light.

We aspire to convey the extraordinary capabilities of transparent LED screens (invisible LED screens) in the field of advertising display, bringing about the enchantment of fascinating and appealing light, creating a unique lighting experience for all customers.

We understand that a good brand is not just about visual imagery but also a symbol of excellent values and quality. Over time, from the initial lightbox advertising to LCD screens, LED display screens, and finally transparent screens (invisible screens), we continually pursue innovation. Whether in spatial design or commercial advertising, the use of transparent screens is becoming increasingly popular, creative, and innovative.

We hope that through our continuous efforts, when customers think of LED screens, they will naturally associate them with transparent screens (invisible screens) and the magical light they bring. And when thinking of transparent screens, they will think of LUXMAGE - a place where one can elevate with the magic of light and superior quality.

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LUXMAGE has always focused on the world's leading transparent LED technology application. Quality certified products with more than 30 patents.


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